What You Should Know About Using Quora And Reddit For SEO

With quarantine restrictions keeping people at home, many businesses have focused on updating and optimizing their digital presence. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is by investing in search engine optimization (SEO). As any digital agency Singapore businesses trust will tell you, doing an online search is still the primary method for consumers to find the goods and services they need. SEO is used to get on the first page of search results, making it more likely that your website will get the much-needed traffic that it desires.

You may already know about using the right keywords and building link juice through blogs, but if you haven’t utilized Quora or Reddit, you are missing out on two of the best ways to maximize your SEO marketing. Both rank high on global website rankings, with Quora receiving 558 million visits monthly and 1.71 billion for Reddit (as reported by Similarweb). In Singapore, Reddit ranks among the top ten most visited websites. You would be remiss by not taking the opportunity to have your links on these high-traffic sites.

Community-Based Content Generates Trust

Though there are differences in format, both Reddit and Quora use online community platforms where users share and exchange information. Anyone who creates an account can post and answer questions (Quora) or join a discussion (Reddit). It may look easy to share the content of any kind, but that is not the case.

To share content on Reddit, you must be in an appropriate subreddit or group and comply with community rules. With fellow users acting as moderators, shared content must adhere to high standards set by each group. Spam and blatant self-promotion are either penalized or not accepted. Likewise, Quora users choose the best answers to posted questions and upvote (or downvote) replies. Strict moderation and a highly engaged user base ensure content quality and better search rankings on Google.

Apart from sharing your links, you can also develop your user profile to become a topic expert on Quora. Doing so establishes your trustworthiness on the platform and may encourage other users to engage with your backlinks.

Building a Reputable Digital Profile Needs More Than Just Link Juice

SEO specialists usually focus on generating link juice with dofollow links in guest blog posts. It’s a standard practice that works, but it can limit your brand’s online presence. Additionally, only having dofollow links can look inorganic on a digital profile. Placing nofollow links on highly ranked websites such as Quora and Reddit adds diversity and makes a digital profile look more believable.

Nofollow links can help boost your profile, too. Previously, search engines treated nofollow links as an “instruction” or a “direction” and not associated with the linked page. However, Google’s updated algorithm now reads nofollow links as “hints” when crawling and indexing websites. While Google has yet to state whether its crawler will index nofollow links, it’s clear that using the nofollow tag will affect search rankings. Also, it should be noted that while link juice may not have been passed to pages with nofollow links in the past, websites with these kinds of links still see a bump in search rankings, simply because of the referral traffic generated by the link.

Use It for Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to use can be a challenge, and you might think that subscribing to a paid service is the only way to do it. The truth is, Quora and Reddit can give you this information for free. Both platforms receive millions of questions from a large user base, so you’ll likely find questions relating to your industry and ideas on the kind of content that consumers want.

You can also use these two websites to find keywords that focus on conversion. General discussions such as “What is the best solution” show that the user is still shopping for options rather than weighing a chosen few. More in-depth questions that focus on the “hows” and “whys” are more likely to result in conversion, so combing through these types of discussions can help you find more effective keywords to use for your content plan.

Reach a Targeted Audience

Within Quora and Reddit’s large user base are thousands of subgroups. These communities are built around a particular interest that brings the members together. Some groups with a niche interest may be smaller than others, but what they lack in size, they make up for in audience engagement.

Creating content for a general readership may spark some curiosity, but if you want engagement and conversion, it’s easier to convince an audience that already shows interest. Doing so also allows you to focus your efforts on your ideal customer and address their particular concerns.

Engaging users on Quora and Reddit takes more time and energy than backlinking on blog posts, but they are excellent complements to the rest of your SEO marketing efforts. Best of all, the platforms are free to use and maintain stable domain authority ratings. Developing your brand’s link portfolio is an ongoing process, so knowing about new channels to try can keep your approach fresh and give you new opportunities to engage.

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