Here, There – Hair Everywhere: A Quick Guide To Laser Hair Removal In Singapore

We all have hair, but there are some who have extra growths in unlikely places in the body. There are several ways to remove unwanted hair—shaving, waxing, tweezing—these are only a few. Although cost-effective and easier to do, these methods can be tiresome as the need to repeat it to remove unwanted hairs over and over again is frequent.

Breakthroughs in aesthetic procedures have seen remarkable development in hair removal over the years. One of the most popular choices that people turn to is the use of lasers to finally get rid of unwanted hair. This article breaks down all the facts you need to know about that.

But before that, let’s sync with our body first and find out the reasons why we have those darn excessive and unflattering hair growths!

What are the reasons why we have excessive hair growths?

The most common reason why people have excessive hair growth (and on different parts of the body) is genes. Yes, you read that right. Having extra unwanted hair can be passed on from generation to generation when this trait is strong in your family’s bloodline. Excessive hair growth can also be an indicator of hormonal imbalance. For patients who have undergone medical procedures or treatments that involved use of steroids (Cyclosporin A) for a long time, excessive hair growths may also occur.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure offered by aesthetic clinics in Singapore like Edwin Lim Clinic. They utilise a laser device in order to remove excessive hair growths on the body.

How does laser effectively remove hair?

First, it is important to state that lasers used for hair removals should be medical grade. These devices effectively remove hair by releasing an individual light wave that targets the hair. This energy-charged light is concentrated on each hair strand. The focused energy is absorbed by the hair’s pigment and travels through the shaft, which then results to the hair removal without causing damage to the skin or hair follicle.

What are the pros and cons of laser hair removal?

A laser hair removal procedure is able to carefully raze hair follicles without damaging the skin. It works best with fair-skinned individuals who have dark hair.

On the other hand, a laser hair removal treatment is not able to remove hair permanently, although a remarkable reduction in hair growth can be achieved with multiple procedures. Also, lasers are not able to effectively remove white hairs.

What are the areas where laser can be used to remove unwanted hairs?

Lasers can be used safely on any part of the body—face, back, underarms—this device can easily remove hair and even be used on large areas of the body.

Is the procedure painful?

Expect to feel a tingling or prickling sensation on the areas where the laser passes through. The pain is definitely tolerable, depending on a patient’s threshold, and can be minimised with the application of numbing creams prior to the treatment.

Are there risks and side effects when getting a laser hair removal treatment?

After the treatment, skin discoloration and a burning sensation may occur on the treated area. However, these should be temporary. A severe burn that may leave scars on the skin is a major risk when the procedure is done by an inexperienced or untrained individual.

What are the different types of laser hair removal available in Singapore?

The following are the types brands of laser hair removal devices present in Singapore:

  • Alexandrite Laser
  • Diode Laser
  • ND:YAG Laser

What laser brands are available in Singapore?

Some of the laser brands available include Lumenis, Cynosure, Candela, and Alma.

How do I know the type of laser which is best to use for the removal of my unwanted hairs?

For darker skin with coarse hair, ND:YAG laser is the best device to use. Fair to mid-toned skin with medium to coarse hair are best treated with Alexandrite laser. The Diode laser can best treat people with fair skin and dark hair.

How many sessions does it take to get optimum results?

We have to make it clear that lasers do not remove hair permanently. It does, however, reduce the amount of hair growth over time and with multiple sessions done. The number of sessions to achieve optimum results will also depend on the part of the body being treated. For armpits and bikini area, around 4 to 6 laser sessions are needed, while 5 to 7 sessions are needed for the lower leg areas.

The woman who is doing skin care.

Is there a need for aftercare following a laser hair removal?

Definitely. As with any aesthetic procedure, aftercare is very important. Following a laser hair removal session, doctors may prescribe certain oral and topical medications for patients to take in order to avoid any infection on the treated area. Sun protection is vital, so be sure to keep your skin protected with the highest SPF possible. At the same time, remember to hydrate with loads of water and keep your skin moisturised to aid the healing process faster.

How much does a laser hair removal treatment in Singapore cost?

Laser hair removal treatments start at $150. It is best to consult with a doctor first to get a more accurate quotation on costs.

What do I look for when looking for a doctor to handle my laser hair removal treatment?

Always remember that a laser device is a powerful tool since it uses high-powered energy. Only choose doctors that are licensed and trained to use laser machines.

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