Memories That Last A Lifetime: How to Store Photos Of Your Singapore Vacation

Every year, 17.4 million people visit Singapore. From the Marina Bay Sands to Sentosa, the beautiful views around the island provide amazing spots for pictures and the ultimate backdrops for selfies. The vast variety of Singaporean food also creates mouthwatering images for any foodie’s Instagram and the many festivals and nightly events generate great photo opportunities with your travelling friends. So, be sure to store your photos securely and instantaneously so that you can have memories that last a lifetime.

Sharing is caring: Link photos to multiple devices

Nowadays, most people use their smartphone as their camera. Therefore, you have access to a wide variety of virtual storage options. On an iPhone, you can use AirDrop to share photos directly between Apple phones, your iPad, or your Mac computer using a wireless Bluetooth or WiFi connection. To do this, you’ll have to go to Settings, then General, and then Airdrop to make sure that it is turned on and set to your desired settings.

If you have an Android, you can also share photos instantaneously with the Files Go app by Google. After you install the app, you simply have to hit the “Files” tab, then “Transfer securely without Internet”, and tap “Send”. Now, you can send your photos to any device with the app in seconds. With both phones, you can also directly upload your photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for unlimited storage space and the ability to share your Singaporean memories with your friends.

Save yourself with an SD card

Sometimes the most trusted and secure method of storing files is through hardware. SD cards are a great and easy way to link your photos and even organize your photos by trips. You can grab an SD card dedicated for each of your trips or for certain legs of your trip if you tend to take a lot of photos. This can help you organize them later on, as you can simply label the card with whatever photos are held within it.

There are multiple different storage capacities for SD cards, so you can do your research and find one that has the memory that fits your needs. SD cards are also extremely versatile as they can fit in smartphones, digital cameras, or computers. This allows you to transfer files very easily between your devices so that you can share your memories with yourself, or open them up to your friends and family.

The future is now: Using virtual reality to store photos

With new, futuristic technology, we can now share and store our memories in a more 3D and realistic way. Virtual reality is allowing people to snap photos or shoot videos and then create a mini vacation to share forever. Therefore, you can save 3D images of your vacation and then create an entire virtual world dedicated to your memories. This allows you to dive right back into your trip to Singapore so that you can feel as though you never left. To do so, you’ll need a camera such as the Lenova Mirage Solo Camera, which has 13MP cameras on the front of it to allow for the creation of 3D images. You will also need a virtual reality headset so that you can view your memories in 3D later. These headsets can be stand-alone VR helmets or attachments that can be added directly to your smartphone for virtual viewing. Now, you can visit Singapore whenever you want, right from the comfort of your living room.

Visiting Singapore creates memories that last a lifetime. If you store your photos properly, you can be sure to share your memories with the world and visit the island through your images for years to come.

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