CNY Goodies Calories & Smart Tips To Watch Your Waistline

The official Lunar New Year also known as Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations is between 2 to 3 working days (in accordance to the designated public holidays) but the feasting of CNY goodies typically last for a full 15 days or more (depending on how kiasu your family stock up on festive snacks and goodies. Just when you think you have survived the first few days of CNY holidays and your stomach is taking a break from the endless flow of pastries, nuts and soft drinks, the next weekend arrives and the same house visit ritual begins again! We are here with the calories facts of popular CNY goodies and tips to help you keep your holiday spirit high but your waistline low! We know it is sinful but a good air fryer can make someone of these goodies even tastier!

1. Bak Kwa (229kcal per slice)

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2. Kueh Lapis (157kcal per piece)

3. Nian Gao (245kcal per quarter serving)

4. Love Letter (112kcal per piece)

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5. Pineapple Tart (82kcal per piece)

6. Mini Dried Shrimp Spring Roll (22kcal per piece)

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7. Cornflake Cookie (82.8kcal per piece)

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8. Green Pea Cookie (53.33kcal per piece)

9. Kueh Bahulu (40kcal per piece)

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10. Kueh Bangkit (23kcal per piece)

11. Peanut & Almond Cookie (72kcal per piece)

12. Sugee Cookie (53kcal per piece)

Let’s do the maths!

If you pick a variety of goodies each house visit, this is what you will likely be consuming:

2 pineapple tarts + 10 shrimp rolls + 1 Bak Kwa + 6 Kueh bangkit + 4 love letters
= 799kcal, 29g fat & 63g sugar

These tiny morsels of snacks is actually comparable to a plate of chicken rice that contains 700kcal & 26g fat!

Smart Tips To Watch Your Waistline

1. Always Ask For Drinks With No Sugar

To make room for snacks calories which cannot be avoided (its hard to resist we know), ask for non-sugared drinks like Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Pepsi Light etc. It will reduce the damage significantly. We promise you.

2. Don’t Do Visiting On An Empty Stomach

You will tend to eat without self-control and the festive goodies, such as those above, and are typically calorie-dense made with lots of oils, cream, butter and sugar. You can try to avoid this lack of self-control by first filling up on healthy fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole-grains or healthy calcium-rich low-fat milk before making a house visit or hitting off to the goodies-filled table.

3. Know Your Favourite Snacks & Ration Them out

Some folks crave sugary snacks while others prefer savoury ones. There must be some or at least one specific snack that you crave and once you start, you just cannot seem to stop. You might want to try out rationing first. By eating small portions, you are less likely to overeat.

4. Be Conscious Of Your Nibbles

It is the unconscious nibbling and sipping that can really add up to your calorie intake. It is easy to lose track of how many goodies and glasses of alcohol or soft drinks you are consuming at a house visit. It is always helpful to stay aware of what, when and why you are eating and drinking. Before you reach for another goodie on the table, ask yourself, “Am I hungry or am I eating because the food is just in front of me?”

5. Take Time To Chew

Chewing your food and eating slowly allows you to savour your food. It also allows your stomach the time it needs to digest and for you to feel full, hence preventing overeating.

6. Burn Away The Calories

After all the calories inputs, make a conscious effort to hit the gym or at least the treadmill every night to burn them all away before you sleep.

Hope all the above information help you to enjoy the festivities yet still keep a close watch on your waistline. Have a happy Lunar New Year! If you are looking for ways to lose weight after Chinese New Year, click here.

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