25 Hot Japanese Hunks On Instagram For An Absolute Thirst Trap

Everyone has been going about how hot Korean men are from all the K-drama and recently how China singers and actors can actually give them a run for their money. We seem to have forgotten how crazy we were about Japanese men just a decade ago. Well, we believe that the men from the Land Of The Rising Sun can be just as steamy as the hot springs found in their country. To prove our point, we have put together our list of 25 Hot Japanese Hunks On Instagram to give you an absolute thirst trap. You may also want to check out our post on 25 Incredibly Hot Korean Guys To Follow On Instagram too!  Enjoy!

1. @kentasakura

2. @runssm

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3. @junior_oliveira_official

4. @whoisoda

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5. @sasou0919

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6. @marujin25

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7. @model_taku

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8. @shunpei_ohshima

9. @hardy_9312

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10. @andrekakitsuka

11. @m0903677

12. @mike_miyamoto

13. @liokobayashi

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14. @kazusa_anami

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15. @yuya_d_51

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16. @kazuki_utsunomiya_0222

17. @gogotsukasa922 

18. @taizo_bm

19. @michihiro_nagatomo

20. @iam_tk_81

21. @go411

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22. @tsuyoshi.1103

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23. @yushi0823

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24. @kazu_fit7

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25. @1996shin

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We hope you enjoy our post on 25 Hot Japanese Hunks On Instagram. Our list is definitely not exhaustive. If you know of other hot Japanese hunks on Instagram who are worthy to be featured, do share with us in the comments section below. You may also want to check out our post on 25 Hot Thai Hunks On Instagram too!

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