5 Smart Tips To Finding The Best Coffee Near You

There is a big difference between coffee and ‘good coffee’. In fact, if you are a coffee enthusiast, telling good coffee from ‘ok’ coffee is as easy as ABC. But if you have absolutely no idea where to look for good coffee whenever you go somewhere new, we are here to help with 5 smart tips to finding the best coffee near you. Coffee dorks recommended.

1. Know your roast preference

When looking for the best coffee, you should narrow down your search based on personal taste and preference. That’s because coffee roast levels tend to impact its flavour and aroma. Are you a light, medium or dark roast kind of person? To help you narrow down your preference, let’s dig deeper into these three types of roasts.

  • Light roast – This type of roast has brighter flavours. It is easily identified by the coffee’s unique aromas and flavours.
  • Medium Roast – This is the most preferred level of roast for many coffee lovers. That’s because it is often still light enough to detect bean intricacies, but also dark enough to produce typical “coffee flavour” that is overwhelmingly present in dark roasts.
  • Dark Roast – This type of roast has smokier flavours. This is most common with the regular coffee consumers.

2. Always check the roast date

A high-quality coffee will include a roast date on the bag. This way, you can accurately gauge the coffee’s level of freshness. One of the ways to ensure that you’re brewing fresh coffee is by buying coffee that is as close as possible to the roast date.

3. Differentiate between Single origin and blend coffee

Single Origin refers to coffee beans from a single country, cooperative, or producer. Blend refers to a mix of beans from around the world. A single origin coffee will have a distinctive taste flavour and aroma depending on the region it is from. A blend, on the other hand, is created by mixing coffee beans from different locations. Blends typically create a well-rounded, smooth and full-bodied taste, and are preferable to many coffee enthusiasts.

4. Go for  Whole Coffee Beans

Grinding your own whole bean coffee is tasking, but it also allows you to customize your brewing methods. If you buy pre-ground coffee, the ground size is already determined for you, and it might not match the taste and aroma you want. Besides, whole coffee beans last longer since they withstand longer periods of air/light/moisture exposure than pre-ground coffee. Nonetheless, if handiness is more important to you than taste, buying pre-ground coffee from a local coffee shop or convenience store, may be a better option.

5. Check the equipment used in brewing and storing it

When it comes to brewing coffee, the equipment used is important in determining its taste and aroma. For instance, brewing and leaving coffee in a regular coffee pot can negatively affect its taste. That’s why you need to have the right equipment such as the batch brewers from Barista warehouse. These equipment allow you to brew your coffee, and keep it hot to ensure that it keeps its taste and aroma for longer.

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