Good Beard Care For Men’s Health During Travelling

Beauty has become an extremely fundamental part of today’s society, so much that men have also indulged in matters of aesthetics. Ideally, facial hair is a primary factor to look at when considering men and beauty. A beard has a lot of roles it plays in men other than accentuating physical appeal. A beard frames the face, manipulates masculinity in men, traps dirt and foreign substances from getting to the skin, as well as protect the face from UV rays.

Whether or not you settle for a long facial mane, there is a need to maintain proper beard care continually. Like you would groom your hair regardless of the occasion, every man ought to embrace and practice beard grooming, and here’s how to get there:

Wash and shampoo your hair

Just like you shampoo your hair to keep it clean, consider the same for your beard. However, use a different shampoo on your beard from that of your hair, preferably a mild one that is not harsh to your skin. However, as if you frequently choose to wash your beard, do not use shampoo all the time. You want to keep your beard clean, but you also want to retain the natural oils that nourish a healthy mane.

Be sure to rinse out your beard after shampooing properly. Facial hair is more delicate especially for the reason that it surrounds the mouth. Failure to properly rinse out leave segments of the product that can result in food poisoning if you make contact with food.

Carefully dry your hair

Every hair, beard or not, is subtle when wet. Drying your beard delicately protects it from breakage. You can air dry, or lightly pat a dry cloth to soak out the wetness from your mane. Be patient with this process to avoid split ends out of forceful drying.

Air drying or blow drying under controlled temperatures befits as drying techniques, unique to one’s preferences.


Keeping your beard moist helps to keep the hair strands strong and resistant to breakage. Your goal should be to trap in moisture that is just enough for your hair strands.

Use conditioner after shampooing, to help with moisturizing, but also for hassle-free detangling, particularly for men with curly hair. A conditioner is also a fantastic product to help your beard feel softer than usual. You can also grab a couple of moisturizers and hair products that can help with this part of beard care routine.

Choose the right tools

Are you the type to grow a long beard? If you plan to grow a lustrous mane, you must figure out a maintenance technique. Every so often, you will need a trim to keep your length evenness in check, but also to control growth.

Choosing the right tools is the driving gear to managing an enviable beard. A couple of tools necessary for all men, heavy bearded or not, include, scissors, beard trimmers, razors, hair clippers, among others. You will need a variety of differently toothed combs and brushed. A wide-toothed comb, for instance, is useful when detangling hair after a wash.

You can visit for tips on hair trimming and the best hair trimmers and clippers on the market.

Use beard oils

Washing may be ideal for keeping your skin and beard clean but has negative implications. Moisture and natural oils tend to get lost through the washing process. While moisturizing takes care of the need for moisture in the hair, beard oils help retain essential oils in facial hair growth.

Regulate the amount of oil you apply on your facial hair; the last thing you want is to have an extremely oily or dry mane. Too much grease can increase the rate at which your beard gathers dust particles, while the lack of it can result in a flaky hair that is bristle.

Properly Trim your Beards

When facial hair is growing, some hair strands may stray, others break, and others grow longer than the rest. The result is a rugged mane that is not entirely appealing. Masculinity today has gradually incorporated sophistication, which means a groomed beard is more structured and fashioned.

To trim your beard at home, grab the best and appropriate beard trimming tools. As a rule of thumb, do not cut your beard when wet. Wet beard is longer, and in some cases, shorter due to shrinkage. If you trim wet a beard, upon drying, you may realize you have shaved too much. For the perfect trim, place a comb through your beard and cut the hair from the outside.

Trim your moustache

If you do not have a moustache, you can safely skip this grooming tip. A moustache is the most crucial part of a man’s facial hair. A moustache has the potential to trap in a lot of filth and dirt, including sweat, food particles, products, among others, which is why grooming it should not be ignored for any reason.

You want to ensure that your moustache does not cover the lips, which is not only unsightly but a health hazard. A well-trimmed moustache leaves room for eating and speaking etiquette.

For a proper trim, you can visit your barber, or do it yourself. Use a beard trimmer or scissors to cut the long hairs after brushing them straight. Do your trim on a dry moustache and maintain a relaxed face to achieve evenness.

Style your hair

Depending on how long your beard is, the occasion you intend to attend, tastes and preference, you may need to style your beard to your liking.

The primary factor to consider is the shape of your face. The style of your beard will frame your face and emphasize your best features. Whether you decide to add colour to your mane or not, you may need some styling products to help with the styling process.

A styling beard balm, for instance, is an excellent product to give you more volume and structure. To use it right, apply a small amount of the balm when your beard is a little dump, then apply regulated heat as needful.

Practice skin care

What most men overlook is the fact that beard care also calls for skin care. Proper skin care results in healthy hair and a natural, desirable glow. Your skin is prone to infections from a cut during shaving, or painful ingrown hairs, razor burns or irritations for different reasons.

If you neglect skin care, you may end up having a dry skin that is flaky and breeds unhealthy hair. For every shave of your facial mane, start with a hot shower, then finish off with a cold splash of water. You can lock it all in with a beard balm barrier after drying it. The essence of this routine is to make sure your skin pores are open beforehand and sealed after the shave.

A beautiful beard is not an accident; it takes time and deliberate effort to care for your facial hair. Beard care reflects the health of a man. Every man seeking to grow their beard should be patient enough through the process, but most importantly, stay grounded in the beard care etiquette for better results.

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