How To Prepare Healthy Lumpia Wrappers For Meals

Tried creating some healthy lumpia wrappers or as many call them spring-roll wrappers? They come in handy when you need to wrap up some meat or veggies or any delicacy you may need to try out. It is very important to eat well but it is not only the good food part that matters but also healthy food. You have to make sure your dish is well balanced and make sure that you eat well-prepared foods. Some people will eat half cooked food and they are left with a story to tell after that. 

Basically, you need to do a prior preparation of your ingredients before you begin and that means that you need to first evaluate the number of wrappers that you need. According to the number then you can buy in such proportions. All you need is flour, a couple of eggs (depending on the scale of production you have in mind) and cooking oil. In this case, you can use cooking oil according to your liking; corn oil, grapeseed, neutral oil.


Step 1:

Put the flour in a bowl and add some water to create a paste, one that is not too light or too thick. Add some eggs depending on how much paste you have used. In case you have done just a little paste then you can use one egg. Whisk them together till they all blend in. You need to make sure that there is no lumpy portion in your paste. To get the same quality as that of Lumpia Wrappers by Chef Lolas Kitchen you will need to have a smooth paste. You will also notice that as you follow other recipes this will be of utmost importance.

Step 2:

Now once you have finalized with that bit of the preparation then you will need to put your pan on the fire and do a pre-heat before starting off. This is to ensure that your paste will not stick on the surface and also so that it will be well cooked to the inside. Once hot, add a little bit of oil and swirl it around the pan to cover the whole surface.  Pour out your paste at the middle and then slowly swirl it around the pan such that it spreads evenly all around. This reduces the thickness and it also gives it the desired shape. You can optionally roll it over to the other side to ensure it is properly cooked.

You can repeat the procedure for more lumpia wrappers. Another very important thing you need to do is make sure that you keep them warm till you serve. You can cover them up and place them in an oven at a temperature that will keep them only warm and not burn them up.

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