Take A Break Travel Brings You On A Tour To Fort Lauderdale Florida

Florida is famous around the world for the beautiful beaches. Beaches are a huge part of Florida, but far from all that Florida has to offer. This Take a Break Travel Fort Lauderdale Florida review takes a look at some of the more unique activities, and sites, found in this great location. 

Historical Sites

Fort Lauderdale has a history that goes back more than 4,000 years. Even though there are few relics left from this time, there is a rich history that is still intact for viewing. Some of the more popular historical sites are the Bonnet House and Gardens as well as the Stranahan House. The Stranahan House is the oldest standing structure in the area. It was originally constructed, in 1901, to serve as a trading post to the frontier territory.


No trip to Florida is complete without a foray into the swamp. Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of tours that will show you all the beauty and thrills found in the Everglades. There are airboat tours that get you close to the action. Gator tours typically utilize airboats to maximize accessibility to the shallow swampy areas alligators love so much. Swamp safaris will take you into the depths of the Everglades so you can see the vast array of wildlife that lives there. Alligators are just one of the amazing animals that thrive in the swamps of Florida. Riverboat tours are available for those that want to view the swamps in luxury while enjoying a lovely dinner and show.

Casinos & Horse Racing

Fort Lauderdale is a haven for those that love to wage a bet. This colourful city hosts several casinos and horse racing venues. Jai Alai is a sport that originates from the Basque Country of Spain but has found a home in Fort Lauderdale. Waging a bet on the sport is a unique experience particular to South Florida. The popularity of the sport is waning, however, seeing a live match is still a must when visiting.

Las Olas

This is area is home to many popular bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and boutiques. This area is the equivalent of the strip in the city. It is filled with vibrant architecture that hosts all the daytime, and nighttime, the activity that does not occur on the beach. Here you can conduct your luxury shopping while dining at the most exquisite cuisine. The area features the island flare, so it is easy to find delicious Cuban fanfare and flavour in this area.

It is also the place to be when the sun begins to set. Las Olas is home to some of the best discos and nightclubs. There are plenty of mellow bars to suit those not so fond of dancing.


Even though there is so much more to Florida than the beaches, it is a crime to not visit the oceanfront in Fort Lauderdale. There are plenty of cafes and boutiques if sunbathing is not your fancy. If sun and water is your thing, there are plenty of water activities like paddle boarding and snorkelling.

There are activities for the whole family in this historic South Florida location. Take a Break Travel is a travel promotions company with locations in Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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