Easy And Formal Female Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Sometimes ladies with medium hair think that they have some restrictions as for the best hair looks, but this is a misconception. Even if some hairstyles are more applicable to long strands and they look more advantageous on long locks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style your medium length hair in a fabulous ‘do. In our hectic world, every second is important, and if you have a formal meeting or solemn event, you can make an easy but attractive hairstyle that will help you feel confident and make a statement! 

Every formal event suggests an elegant ‘do, preferably a pulled up style. However, loose hairstyles can look refined if they are created properly. We have rounded up the most gorgeous updos for medium hair for any formal occasion. Check them out and get inspired!

Prom Hairdos for Medium Hair

Prom is a significant day when every girl wants to look wonderful. These beautiful and easy-to-do hairstyles will excellently complement your attractive look.

1. Twisted Low Bun

This romantic hairstyle looks elegant, it fits any face shape and any hair type. It is perfect for your prom because this hairdo makes you look like a princess!

2. High Bun

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, a pulled up hairstyle always adds chic. Just gather your medium hair into a high bun, braid a teased plait, and wrap it around the bun. Voilà! A cool and beautiful hairstyle is ready!

3. Teased Bun

Beauty is in simplicity. It’s almost effortless to make this gorgeous hairstyle. Besides, if you add a massive accessory, you will definitely shine like a diamond at the prom!

4. Hairdo with Flowers

Braids are always a go-to option! Combine a braid with a teased low bun, add some accessories (twigs of crystals and flowers), fix everything with a setting spray, and you are ready to be the prom queen!

5. Romantic Waves

Nothing can look more feminine than soft, flowing waves. Just curl your strands, make sure there’s some volume on top, and add a gentle accessory – a twig of crystals. Undoubtedly, you will turn heads!

Formal Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

If you are going to attend an important event, then consider these great hairstyle options. These quick updos for medium-length hair cover every scenario your busy life encounters, and there’s no salon visit required.

1. Wavy Locks

Wavy, loose hair can also look polished. Make sure your locks are volumetric and they look fine. A side-swept fringe will make look more romantic. Note that you shouldn’t tease your locks much for not to add negligence.

2. Slick Hair

Slicked-back hair always looks classy. To add a zest to a hairstyle, create some volume on top, then fix everything with a setting spray. To make the look complete, you can add some accessories.

3. Large Waves

A side-swept forelock, combined with wavy hair, combed to one side, is a great option for shoulder-length hair. With this hairstyle, you will look gorgeous at any formal event!

4. Straight Formal Bob

If you have dense and shiny hair, all you should do is to style your bob in the most flattering way. You can wear it in a conventional way or tuck one part of the hair behind the ear, and let the other part frame your face. This is a perfect formal hairstyle!

5. Side Low Bun

A side twisted bun looks very elegant and it fits all face shapes. This hairstyle is easy to do, and if you add a stunning hair accessory, the hairdo will become even more appealing.

Easy Updos for Medium Hair to Do Yourself

Girls with medium hair have versatile and original hairstyle options. Here are quick and fresh hairstyles you can show off.

1. Reverse French Braid

This offbeat hairstyle looks complicated, but it’s easy to do. Just braid a reverse French braid, twirl the rest of your hair into a high bun. This ‘do is a perfect option for medium hair.

2. Teased Braid

Braids are a win-win option for any formal meeting. You can do this eye-catching hairstyle in two minutes – just braid a plait around the head aka a wreath, tease it, and fix with a setting spray.

3. Half-up ‘Do

This effortless hairstyle looks eye-catching, and to re-create it, you should take side strands, twist them, unite at the nape, and fix with a hair barrette. This hairdo is for women, who don’t have much free time but want to look flawless.

4. Hollywood Waves

Women with medium hair can rock this gorgeous hairstyle! Have your locks curled, create a volumetric forelock that will frame your face gently, and fix everything with a setting spray. This hairstyle is suitable even for the red carpet!

5. Braid & Flowers

With this ‘do, you will look like a goddess! This is a perfect hairstyle for a festive and romantic event. Braid your hair in a French braid and complement the hairstyle with a floral wreath.

Thus, choose any of these easy and formal hairstyles for medium hair to emphasize your beauty and express your personality!

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