Long Hairstyles For Black Women With Bangs

Women all over the world adore long hair as it adds special charm, chic, and sexuality to any woman. According to a Daily Mail poll, conducted in 2008 – of all the hairstyles a woman could flaunt – results showed an overwhelming 43 per cent of men considered long, wavy locks to be the sexiest. Here are some of the best long hairstyles for black women with bangs

Long locks look gorgeous and they offer diverse and original styling options so that you can choose any flattering hairstyle you want. Black girls have long and textured locks, and if they combine a long hairstyle with bangs, the ‘do will look more appealing and sophisticated. Here are offbeat hairdos for long locks with bangs. Get inspired and add flair to your look with a help of an eye-catching hairdo.

Hairstyles for Long Hair Black Girl

Most Afro-American women are naturally blessed with beautiful long hair. If you are one of them, you should know how to present your treasure in the best light.

Here are some options of black hairstyles you can consider.

1. Sleek Hairstyle



Sleek hair always looks glamorous. If you have flat, shiny locks, then just style them in a flattering way, wear a straight fringe, and fix with a setting spray.

2. Wavy Locks



These wavy strands look very feminine and romantic. This is a universal hairstyle that can be worn with either jeans or a dress. Make sure your locks are fixed well and you are ready to conquer the world!

3. Crimson Locks



A pop of colour always adds a zest to your look. Curl your long locks upward, comb a long forelock to one side, and complement the look with an attractive makeup.

4. Volumetric Curls



African-American have a unique hair texture that requires special care and styling. If you emphasize your natural beauty, you will never go wrong! Just moisten your curls with gel or mousse, let your bangs frame your face, and fix with a setting spray.

5. Messy Top Knot



Is there an effortless hairstyle that always looks chic? Yes, a messy top knot is what you need. Let a long, straight forelock cover your forehead, and gather the rest of your hair into a messy top knot. Surely, you’ll look very sexy!

Purple Hairstyles for Black Women

Black girls love to be in the spotlight and bright colours perfectly complement their complexion. A purple colour is one of the most favourite and popular. Here are some great options you can consider.

1. Beautiful Buns



Buns and large waves are a win-win option for the black hairstyles for long hair. They add volume, look appealing, and add playfulness. You can have your hair dyed in an Ombre technique, create two side buns, and curl the rest of your hair to achieve a more dramatic look.

2. Purple Locks



Volumetric, large waves of a purple colour will emphasize your beauty. A voluminous side fringe will visually elongate your face. Besides, if you complement your look with a statement necklace of a matching colour, then you will rock the world!

3. Purple Top Knot



A pulled up hairstyle always looks elegant. Create a volumetric top knot, make your bangs also voluminous so that your face appears visually longer. Definitely, a woman with this hairstyle with turn heads!

4. Sophisticated Hairdo



Purple hair doesn’t care! If you want to make a statement, then this dope hairstyle will help you become brighter. Curl your long locks, take the upper part of the hair and gather it into a high ponytail, then curl the ponytail, divide it into two parts, and arrange them on the sides. To create an alluring contrast, straighten your fringe and comb it to one side. That’s all! An eye-catching ‘do is ready!

5. Lavender Ombre



Ombre is a perfect option for long hair! A colour gradation will add volume to your strands. Leave the roots natural, then have your bangs dyed in an ashy colour, and the rest of your hair should be of a lavender shade. Curl your bangs upward, comb it to one side, and fix everything with a setting spray.

Braids with Bangs for Black Women

Braids are a timeless hairstyle, which is especially loved by African-American women. Check out these black hairstyles that will emphasize your unique style.

1. Braids with Beads



Black women have always adorned their locks with different decorative elements, and these beads will look amazing on your long braids. This ethnic-inspired hairstyle will perfectly emphasize your unique beauty.

2. Braided Bun



Embrace your nature and express it through this offbeat hairstyle! It fits all clothes and it is suitable for any occasion. Gather your braids into a high bun, leave some long strands near the temples, and decorate your braided forelock with brown beads. Nobody can stay indifferent to this hairstyle!

3. Braided Updo with Side Bangs



Here is one of the most popular black hairstyles! To achieve a classy look, gather your braids into an updo and leave aside forelock. If you want to add interesting details, you can go for purple extensions.

4. Inspired by the 70s



The 1970’s era is known as the hippie era, and braids of different colours were a go-to option for long hair. Wear long, colourful braids, and complement the total look with stand-out accessories.

5. Messy Updo



If you are up to experiments and eye-catching hairstyles, then have your hair dyed blonde, braid your hair into a volumetric plait, wrap it around your head aka a wreath, pull out some strands to frame your face, and comb your bangs to one side.

Thus, these gorgeous black hairstyles for long hair can be picked by any woman who wants to look stylish, attractive, sexy, and emphasize her unique appearance.

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