Explore Maldives – One Of The Safest Holiday Destination In The World

Dreamed of visiting a tropical paradise? Place your bet on the Maldives. The purplish-blue sea waters encircling the white sandy beaches will surely treat your eyes and soul. Lying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the low-lying coral archipelago is scattered over 2000km consisting of vibrant coral reefs and fascinating aquatic life. Being the lowest situated nation in the world, it’s also interesting that some of these places are in threat of disappearing soon. That said, what makes Maldives one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world?

Underwater Life

Colourful coral reefs in the Maldives are home to different species of whales and dolphins. You can spot killer whales and dwarf sperm whales lurking in the waters any time of the year. Want to watch dolphins full of life? Be amazed to witness schools of dolphins as many as 200 making their way around the lagoons.

The attractions don’t end there as well; the Maldives is also famous for spotting the most massive known fish in the world. You can gaze your eyes upon the giant whale shark with size ranging from 18 to 30 feet. Not to mention, this excludes the colourful display of smaller fish species residing in the corals.

Lodging Facilities

Talking about the lodging facilities, out of the 200 inhabited islands, 80 of them have tourist resorts to meet the travellers’ demands. For instance, take the world’s first underwater resort, the submerged resort at Rangali Island will let you dream 16 feet beneath the surface with a 180-degree view into the deep marine life. These resorts may not be the best choice for budget travellers. However, they offer the best amenities to those who want to splurge on their holiday vacations.

Are you a diver? Then the resorts are not meant for you. Hop on a live-abroad boat to get the most out of your adventure. There are plenty of scuba diving spots to dive in and explore. Also, there are underwater galleries and artificial reefs if you are not looking to exceed your comfort zone.

Cuisines to Expect

The star on the menu consists fish most of the time. The main Maldivian cuisines include coconuts, fish, and starchy items. You can find coconut milk or coconut oil in most deep-fried dishes. Fish curry, fried fish, fish balls, fish patties, and fish soups are only a few cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Not a fan of fish? Don’t worry; the resorts nowadays offer plenty of varieties in cuisines and menus.

When to Visit Maldives?

The archipelago never fails to please the visitors around the year. Are you looking to explore the waters? Visit the island between December and April. The longest days along with the best weather makes the lagoons ideal for scuba diving during these times of the year.

Want to experience the tropical rainy season? A visit between May and November will let you drench in the rain. There are also times for sighting manta rays and whale sharks. The manta rays come in numbers between November and April and can be spotted on the western side of Maldives.

How to Get There?

Male’ international airport is the docking point for all international tourists. Located near the capital city of Male’, the travellers can find transportations from the airport to the islands via powerboats. You should also be familiar with Dhoni, a small waterbus that takes visitors across the Maldives.

However, if you’re from the united states, finding a direct flight might be difficult. Use the West Coast to get to Singapore or use the East Coast to get to Europe. You can find connecting flights to your tropical paradise from these parts.


If you crave for a relaxing vacation that includes pleasing cuisines, adventures, and scuba diving, Maldives won’t disappoint you. The bright and warm waters decorated with bouquets of fishes will surely be a delight to explore. Also, don’t forget to wear an underwater camera, you don’t want to miss framing the reefs and sea life.

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