Ding Dong New Menu Offers Local Favourites With Contemporary Techniques!

Well-known in the local dining scene for its fun and innovative take on traditional Asian cuisine, contemporary South-east Asian restaurant Ding Dong is proud to present yet another new refreshing menu lineup. Drawing inspiration from many of our familiar childhood favourites, the culinary team led by new Assistant Head Chef Miller Mai, under the guidance of Chef Ryan Clift, carefully curates new dishes that integrates familiar yet modern textures, bound to tug at nostalgia.

“Ding Dong’s signature style is all about putting our unique spin on traditional flavours, and serving up the dishes in a fun and unexpected way,” says Chef Miller. “For these new dishes, I challenged myself to explore the flavours I love, before recreating and enhancing them in a refreshing way, to offer our guests an elevated dining experience,” he adds.

Celebrating Local Food Culture

Chef Miller brings onboard a fresh perspective to South-east Asian cuisine, offering diners 14 exciting creations, delivered with sophistication and finesse. Be prepared to take a trip down memory lane with a celebration of local dishes, as well as other familiar favourites from Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Guaranteed to impress, start off with the Crispy Pork Trotter, Spiced Vinegar from the Sharing Plates, a seemingly modest dish. Requiring an intricate preparation across two and a half days, the tender meat paired with a house-made spice vinegar sauce sends your taste buds tingling.

The Grill Pork Spare Ribs, Peanut Sauce – a twist on quintessential Malay street food, satay – captures the aromatic punch of a perfectly executed chargrill method.

From the Bigger Plates, spice things up with the Lobster Tail, Tom Yum Broth, Sriracha Crab Cake – a combination of sweet, firm lobster flesh and tangy tom yum broth, or opt for a vegetarian alternative, the Cabbage roll, shiitake mushroom, cellophane noodle, both fitting for a light yet comforting lunch.

Other new items on the Cold, Sharing and Bigger Plates include Boneless beef shank, rice noodle, lemongrass dressing; Scallop Ceviche, thai mango, kuih kapit; Rendang beef brisket bun, turnip omelette, pickled cucumber; Yam ring, asparagus, poached egg;

Duck Breast, Kumquat Compote, Bok Choy;

Pork Collar Char Siu, Pineapple Salsa, Chicharon

and Tuna Loin, Green Papaya, Sweet & Sour Sauce.

The Perfect Sweet Finish

Staying true to Ding Dong’s dessert menu, Chef Miller offers three new desserts that delight with intricate textures. A popular local dessert, chendol, receives a Ding Dong do-over in the Coconut snow, pandan jelly noodle, gula melaka ice cream. The house-made pandan jelly noodles, coconut meringue, coconut infused shaved ice, and the smoky sweetness of gula melaka make for absolute satisfaction.

An ingenious creation, the Ginger lime parfait, Sichuan pepper crumble, lychee sorbet, incorporates a diverse blend of flavours from tangy, to sweet, to a gentle lingering spiciness, to create a bold dessert.

A fun playland at Amoy Street, Ding Dong upholds its unwavering quirky, modern approach towards traditional Asian cuisine. The newly revamped menu aims to bring diners closer to home, adding a special touch to the familiar flavours that are close to the heart. Book your experience now.

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