DBS SPARKS Mini-series – Changing Your Perspective Of Banking & Bankers

What comes to your mind when you think about banking in Singapore? You will probably envision the cold brick and mortar facade of its branches with straight faced bankers facilitating your requested transactions and giving you the cold hard facts when it comes to your savings, investments or insurance. DBS hope to challenge your perspectives with their passionate bankers who dare to go the extra mile for their customers. 

Inspired by true stories, SPARKS follows a group of bankers as they navigate work and their personal lives. Through the series, DBS hopes to offer you more intimate insights into banking, show the softer side of bankers and challenge the perception that banking is only about transactions. As you view the episodes, you will be touched by how bankers value relationships and go above and beyond for their clients. They stand by their clients through difficult times and come up with innovative solutions to help them when they are faced with challenges. 

The SPARKS series reflects the bank’s commitment to understanding what matters in life. They are committed to continuously look for new ways to redefine banking and SPARKS is one of their ways of disrupting the industry by creating products and services so simple, fast and smart that they fit into your life effortlessly.

Since launching in February 2016, Sparks Episodes 1 – 6 and their trailers have garnered more than 70 million views and over 10 million digital engagements across the region. The latest episode sees us go back in time with Chester, to when he meets his first clients – a young couple who own a small bus company. Guided by values he holds close to his heart, he stands with the family through their successes and setbacks. It is a story of the triumph of the human spirit, a relationship forged over time, through each loss and every kindness.

If you are moved on this episode, catch the rest of the series at www.dbs.com/sparks. You may also like to connect with DBS on Facebook, Instagram Youtube. #sp

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