7 Cycling Holidays In Europe You Need To Take

Cycling is an adventurous activity and is the perfect way to explore a new city as it offers speed as well as an opportunity to stop on your feet and enjoy the vistas. Here are some of the most famous cycling holidays in Europe that will be worth your every penny.

1. Ciclismo Classico, Italy

Ciclismo Classico organizes high-end cycling tours through most of Europe, however, its most requested spot is in Italy. The beautiful architecture with spellbinding landscapes can become even more enhanced when you’re cruising along your cycle to discover new places. The tour difficulty level ranges from a mild 35 feet flat ground to more challenging.

The tour also offers family packages with it. The best part, if you ever get tired of the outdoor wonders, which is highly unlikely, the cycle tour can even be extended to museums and wine tastings. However, remember to put on some light dress and not your everyday pants so that you can enjoy the tour to the fullest.

2. Le Domestique Tours, France

Founded in 2011, this exciting cycle touring company has been offering cyclists fantastic cycle tours, mainly through the Alps and Pyrenees. The riders climb and descend down the magnificent slopes of Tourmalet, Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez.

The tours are fully guided and the company takes extra care of your safety and comfort, carrying spare clothing and even proving accommodation.

3. Mountain Biking, Spain

Spain’s Sierra Nevada National Park is a haven for mountain bikers. With its rugged trails and exciting descents, you will be leaving a happy person after riding through its beautiful terrains.

Pure Mountains, the one that offers this tour is located right in the middle of the national park and offers various tours that can be custom tailored to suit your abilities. These trips range from a three to eight days duration and options such as cross country and all mountain is up for grabs.

The best part: the tour price includes three meals a day as well as most of the drinks you may consume on this delightful journey!

4. La Marmotte, France

If you are an experienced cyclist and are looking to challenge yourself and hone the cycling credentials further, then you must try this French traditional event called La Marmotte. This one day your is an extremely challenging ride, with a climb of up to 5000m for about 100 miles.

Alpcycles is the prime organizer of week-long packages that not just provide you with the most thrilling cycle ride of your life, but also everything else you may need to make your cycling holiday a success.

5. Vélo Ventoux, France

A well-known peak, about 1912ft in altitude is a cherished climb for a number of cyclists, namely Mount Ventoux. The climb is good even for amateur cyclists and thus everyone can get a taste of the beautiful scenery offered at the top of the mountain, while also enjoying the lovely views as you cruise along with your cycles.

Vélo Ventoux is a guesthouse that offers guided cycle tours for Mount Ventoux and even offers a delectable stay. Some might say that cycling may be passé, and so you may enjoy tours on your hoverboards!

6. Burgundy Cycling Holiday, France

This one is for those looking for a more laid back Europe cycling holiday. Set in the lovely city of Dijon in the Burgundy county, this cycling tour promises to offer you an experience unmatched elsewhere anywhere in the world.

Against a backdrop of vineyards and lovely vintage villages, you will quietly enter a world of elegance, riding in your cycles. Most of the journey is on flat roads, with a few steep ascents here and there.

It can be taken up by almost anyone and does not make any excessive demands on your fitness. Ride along chateaux such as the lovely Gevrey-Chambertin and your desire for beauty will be thoroughly quenched in this tour.

7. Tulip Fields Cycling Tour, Amsterdam

Another cycling tour that will look right out of a Disney movie is a flower-filled cycling holiday in the beautiful Amsterdam. Cruise alongside the vivid and bright flowers that would instantly make you forget all your worries and transport you into a wonderland of happiness.

This tour in Amsterdam would provide you with the luxury of two methods of transport, reach your destination through riverboats with your fellow guides and then hop on your cycle to discover working windmills and the lovely Dutch villages.

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