5 Health Benefits Of Including Honey In Your Diet

Each one of you in the elementary class might have learned about the procedure of honey making. You also might have studied about the numerous health benefits of this sweet nourishment which is commonly available in the market. While people do know the health benefits of honey, they instead of using honey as a sweetener in their diet, do prefer sugar which is known to possess serious health risks. Honey has been known to possess a plenitude of benefits for your body and can help issues such as sleeplessness and certain allergies to a great extent. 

If you also are considering or consuming sugar in your diet, then here are top 5 health benefits which honey would give if you consider using them.

1. Helps Magically in Treating Common Allergies

Doctors have named honey as one of the natural vaccines which nature has provided us. Consuming honey on a daily basis is known to be effective in preventing as well as curing some common area specific allergies. This is due to the fact that bees while collecting nectar from flowers do carry pollens from one area to another. As they turn this to honey, the pollens also get added to it.

When you consume raw honey, you consume these allergies causing pollens which trigger the immune system of your body to make an antidote. So, after repeated consumption of honey for quite a while your body will automatically adjust itself to these allergies causing pollens and hence won’t be affected by the same.

A particular variety of honey called the Manuka Honey which is produced in New Zealand is said to have even greater protection benefits against common diseases. This honey which is comparatively expensive is available in local stores. However, you ought to check for the UMF (Unique Manuka Flavor) rating, which should be more than 10, before buying. Manuka Honey is known to cure diseases such as Hay Fever while at the same time improving your skin health and your overall body immunity.

2. Helps You Remain Active All Day

Honey has also been known to help induce energy in an individual and thereby ensuring that they do not suffer from tiredness or excessive fatigue. Raw honey contains around 80 per cent of natural sugar which helps in producing glycogen and supplying the same to your liver. This glycogen is later used in producing energy and thereby giving honey the nickname of ‘the perfect running fuel.’ You can add honey to your tea, coffee or apply it on bread if you want to include it in your daily diet. Check out Cut It Fine to know about different bread knives if you are looking to buy one.

Scientists have found honey to be a good source of carbs as well as, rather they recommend this over any other glucose items present in the market. Not only does this honey help in giving you needed fuel for athletic or cardio exercise, but it also plays a huge role in ensuring your tissues heal well, and the body recovers fine.

3. Helps Produce Anti-Oxidants

Honey if consumed daily is known to increase the levels of antioxidants in the body. In its raw form honey is known to contain a chemical called polyphenol which does work with the immune system and thereby reducing the levels of free radicals. Free radicals in the human body have been linked to causing serious diseases such as cancer. Polyphenol being an antioxidant does reduce and eliminate these free radicals and hence keeping you at bay from such dangerous disease.

4. Helps Cure Common Cold

All of us might have heard honey as one of the best cures to a cough and cold, and this statement is backed up by science as well. If you are suffering from cough the best remedy is to consume two teaspoons of honey and the issues would be alleviated in no time. Consuming honey coats the affected nerve endings in throat thereby soothing them and removing any inflammation caused, thus providing immediate relief from cold or a cough.

Having syrups or medicines which do offer a taste like sweet candy, although does alleviate the issue, however, are not good for the immune system as they end up being too harsh on them.

5. Makes You Intelligent and Sharper

As mentioned before, honey is a great source of anti-oxidant and consuming a spoon of honey has been known to help with increasing brain power. Antioxidants are known to help in the development and production of brain cells which do keep your brain running in top shape.

Therefore, consuming honey on a regular basis helps improve your retention capacity and prevents you from diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

So, these were the top 5 amazing health benefits that raw honey has on your body. We believe these reasons might be enough to encourage you in including this natural substance within your diet plan.

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