10 Foods & Beverages You Can Use To Cook For Special Occasion

Today is your anniversary. Maybe your significant other has good news to share over a romantic dinner. What about turning a regular dinner into a special dining occasion, while you wait for your friends? It might sound easy when you plan it and turn complicated after you look for recipes. Even more, finding the right drinks for meals gets even more demanding. The hours of the event may pass by while you’re waiting to find suitable meals and drinks or you can go shopping for ingredients and beverages. This article will guide you through the most delicious and easy to cook for special occasion. 

5 Foods to Cook for an Exquisite Dinner

1. Guacamole Toscada

This meal can pass as a delightful and light choice for your friends or for a party with a Latin American flavour. A fresh guacamole tostada can open up dinner as an appetizer. To have a delicious meal, find the best cottage cheese and a fresh avocado (for additional protein, you can replace it with chicken). This creamy meal also has tomatoes, cilantro, lime and a crisp toscada. The guacamole takes around 10 minutes of preparation for a serving of 4.

2. Coq Au Vin

Coq au vin actually contains more than it seems. This meal is rich and abundant in natural flavours. For maximum results, you can add carrots, garlic, brandy, thyme, butter and mushrooms. Although it takes a while to cook, the meal is quite easy to cook and promises no leftovers. To enhance its taste, use a red wine variety such as Burgundy. For 3 servings, you need 20 minutes of prep work and 1 hour and ten minutes of oven cooking.

3. Fettucine Salmon

Salmon complements the freshness of fettuccine as a light source of protein. This healthy recipe is delicious and natural, thanks to the basil pesto. We recommend that you use homemade pesto or purchase a refrigerated one, instead of jar products. The meal is super quick and enchanting while looking fresh and familiar. You only need around 40 minutes of preparation. For a complete taste, add butter and garlic.

4. Pomegranate Duck

Duck skin is a bit high in cholesterol. However, if you remove the skin and bones out of duck breasts you get a good source of protein, magnesium and riboflavin. Duck breasts with pomegranate look amazing after they roast up. By adding parsley and pomegranate juice into the sauce, you get an impressive taste that lives up to a special occasion. You need 45 minutes and an oven to cook the delicious pomegranate duck. This recipe is even tastier as it’s a reinterpretation of the classic duck à l’orange (duck breasts with oranges).

5. Chilly Cioppino

This recipe has an Italian heritage, as immigrants exploited the local seafood from San Francisco. You can prepare it with tilapia and scallops. However, there are plenty of recipes and ideas to use, such as servings with brie, jalapenos and garlic. It’s a juicy mix based on dry white wine and small potatoes. A meal for two takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook in a saucepan. Make sure you purchase dry scallops, which are not treated with sodium tripoyphosphate (STP).

5 Beverages that Successfully Complete a Special Meal

1. Red Wine

We know that red wine is a classic of elegant beverages. However, it is so for a reason. It is suitable if you eat steak-based foods, as they complement the rich, fatty and beefy taste. The wine has high acidity. Yet, a chill wine compensates through its fresh taste. Burgundy and Sauvignon Blanc are two varieties that many prefer, due to their taste. A steak – wine combination is refreshing and eases digestion, according to the NY Times.

2. Aperol Spritz

This fashionable drink is lighter than Campari, but rich tasting. It works best as an aperitif to steak or lamb leg and other meat-based dishes. Yes, it’s more suitable for women than men. However, it does capture some of the magic that bitter liquor has. The orange juice completes the sparkling drink and accentuates the taste of herbs and spices. The spritz is easy to make, regardless of your servings.

3. Pineapple Ginger Ale

A ginger ale cocktail works best with chicken and light meals that don’t contain spices. It is fresh and easy to make. You need to mix ginger ale, pineapple juice, fresh sliced ginger, sliced orange, and basil leaves. Then, make sure the result is chilled. This is especially suitable for summer months when you have a party or romantic dinner with a sweet meal.

4. Pomegranate Juice

You can easily replace the pomegranate juice with a cranberry beverage and obtain the same effect. These two drinks contain high amounts of tannins, similar to the red wine. The clear the effects of heavy meat. They have a complex taste which mixes sweetness and bitterness. Moreover, you can dilute them with water or club soda for a more subtle flavour.

5. Whiskey

Whiskey is always elegant due to its caramel subtle flavour and strong alcohol vibe. Regular and scotch whiskey works best with grilled steak and enhances its flavour. To adapt it to female guests, you can make an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, John Collins or a Mint Julep cocktail. Remember that the more complex the cocktail tastes, the less you enjoy the meal, as it might overpower its flavour.

To Dinner

Before you take a seat at the table, make sure you remember that special meals need to be healthy too. So, eat slow and try to blend a salad into your menu. Moreover, use balsamic vinegar and olive oil instead of regular products. Portions should be 50% vegetables and 25% raw meat. A shared dessert is always healthier, as well as meals in smaller plates. But before you eat, make sure you are not hungry enough to overindulge. Dinner should be a delight, not a race to the finish. Once you figure out when and how that special meal will be, get ready to cook and add flavour to the table!

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