ChangiWiFi USA & Europe Wifi Plans – Cheap & Reliable Pay-Per-GB Plan

Travelling to USA & Europe can be expensive but Wifi should not contribute to the hefty cost. Changi Recommends has recently launched their newest ChangiWiFi USA & Europe Plans, called Pay-Per-GB. If you are travelling to USA and Europe, you can rent a Wi-Fi router for just $32 per trip to satisfy all their overseas data needs. Suited for the less data-hungry folks, the basic Pay-Per-GB plan costs $32 and entitles consumers to 2GB of Wi-Fi data, with the option of topping up anytime during the trip at $20 per additional GB. We just used ChangiWiFi service for our recent trip to Dublin, Edinburgh & London and it worked like a charm. 

ChangiWiFi USA & Europe Wifi Plans – Over 50 Destinations Available

Available for over 50 travel destinations and able to connect up to 5 devices at a time, ChangiWiFi provides seamless Wi-Fi roaming when you go travelling overseas. The traditional Standard Plan boasts unlimited data* with rates starting from $5 per day (excluding promotional codes, if applicable), which is great for folks with heavy data consumption or relish the luxury of using data without having to monitor their usage.

By only paying for what they use, the new ChangiWiFi Pay-Per-GB plan offers an alternative for consumers whose data consumption is relatively lower and do not require unlimited data when they travel.

*FUP applies for selected countries

ChangiWiFi USA & Europe Wifi Plans – Long Holidays

Aside from consumers who do not require unlimited data when they travel, the Pay-Per-GB plan also caters to those who are intending to travel for a longer duration, where the total sum from per-day rental plans becomes a prohibitive factor. As Singaporean travellers tend to book lengthier vacations when visiting faraway destinations like the USA and Europe, the new Pay-Per-GB plan would offer consumers with a relatively lower data appetite a more affordable alternative to the Standard Plan. 

ChangiWiFi USA & Europe Wifi Plans – Reliable Wifi Wherever You Are

ChangiWifi provides you with a full suite of reliable travel services with the best prices possible. The router did not fail us as we travel across the cities of Dublin, Edinburgh and London. In fact, we were surprised to be able to easily receive Whatsapp as well as share social posts and stories on the heights of Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle on Castle Hill. The new Pay-Per-GB plan, available from December 2018 offers a tailored option that will satisfy your specific needs.

Simply visit to make a reservation online. You can collect their routers at any of the seven Changi Recommends booth available at every terminal within Changi Airport before departing, along with any amenity reservations, attraction and tour tickets that require physical pick up at Changi Recommends’s booths.

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