Catch Djs Andrew T & Adrian Wee Spinning At ILLUMI RUN 2015

Participants for ILLUMI RUN 2015 now have even more to cheer about! Beat-dropping bigwigs DJ Andrew T and DJ Adrian Wee – each with at least a decade’s worth of spinning experience – will join ILLUMI crowd favourites Rave Republic for Singapore’s ultimate party-run – ILLUMI RUN 2016 at F1 Village on 28 November 2015.

Djs Spinning At Illumi Run 2015 - AspirantSG

My AOS Collective DJs will be manning the decks at various ultraviolet music zones of the non-competitive run, where participants will be splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water, making for an iconic sight of neon-splattered runners lighting up the night as they dance towards the finish line.

ILLUMI Runners dashing across finish line - AspirantSG

The third edition of the run promises more surprises for participants, starting with the glow zones. Stunning multi-coloured fairy lights will guide runners through the first glow zone, the Rainbow Tunnel, before they reach a maze of suspense at the next zone. As runners navigate through the Psychedelic Pit, they may come face-to-face with ILLUMINATORS ready to shoot them with Glow Water.

ILLUMI RUN 2015 New Glow Zones - AspirantSG

Another first for the 2015 ILLUMI RUN: new paint mechanisms. At the Neon Rainforest, runners will be treated to a one-of-a-kind Glow Water shower. That, along with the Glow Sprinkle zone, which will see participants being sprayed with Glow Water emitted through sprinklers, will ensure not one runner gets through the night spot-free. Each zone will feature a live DJ act, and a couple of Selfie Points along the way means participants can create neon snapshots of their glow-in-the- dark adventure.

ILLUMI RUN Party Singapore - AspirantSG

While the run begins at 7.30pm, a pre-run segment from 6.30pm will get the crowd pumped up and ready for the night. Runners will then be flagged off by DJ Andrew T, who will open the event, before the night ends with a massive party helmed by Rave Republic at the F1 Race Village.

ILLUMI RUN Launch 2015 - AspirantSG

“It’ll be my first time spinning at ILLUMI RUN and I can hardly wait. It’s going to be very exciting opening the event and hyping up the runners. I’ve heard so much about ILLUMI RUN and that its runners are always ready to party hard, and I believe them partying while covered in neon paint is going to make for a great view for me,” said DJ Andrew T.

We love spinning at ILLUMI RUN and we’re excited to be back again! The crowd’s energy is high and the atmosphere is electrifying. The runners arrive ready to party and the sight of them splattered with Glow Water in the night is always spectacular. This year’s party in Singapore is going to be equally exciting – party-goers in this city are always eager for a good time and it shows,” said Rave Republic, who has also pumped up crowds at ILLUMI RUNs in Brisbane and Guangzhou.

To cater to aspiring runners who did not get to register in time, ILLUMI RUN is opening 500 additional slots at $78 per person. Each registered runner will receive a Swag Bag that includes two t-shirts, another first for the event – a Splash-Out Tee for running and an ILLUMI Swag Tee for the after-party – LED goggles and an LED wristband.

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Check out last year’s video below:

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