Starbucks Singapore Launch Iconic Red Cups & Christmas Panettone Latte

Starbucks Singapore welcomes the holiday season with the return of its iconic red cups, which have become for many a celebrated symbol of the warmth and wonder of Christmas. New this year, Starbucks is introducing the Christmas Panettone Latte, inspired by the classic Italian Christmas pastry, as well as the return of holiday favourites that have become as much of a seasonal tradition as the cups themselves. Everyone is invited to stop by Starbucks to spark the spirit of the Christmas by enjoying these beautifully crafted beverages that will rekindle the magic of the season and all of the love and joy it holds.

Christmas drinks At Starbucks Singapore - AspirantSG

“Christmas has always been one of our favourite seasons at Starbucks,” said Jane Lau, Managing Director, Starbucks Singapore. “Customers in Singapore have always come to our stores to enjoy and bask in the Christmas festivities, and to reconnect with friends and family. We know that the iconic Starbucks red cups are synonymous to Christmas for our customers, and we look forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with them again, as they come to Starbucks to experience the Christmas cheer with our iconic Christmas beverages.”

Christmas At Starbucks Singapore - AspirantSG

Fans would be thrilled to know that Starbucks is introducing the all new Christmas Panettone Latte, which takes customers on a romantic journey to Italy with its sweet, pastry aroma, buttery taste and orange, cranberry and apple sprinkles. This deliciously festive beverage is inspired by the popular Italian Christmas pastry. It pairs perfectly with steamed milk and roasted espresso. It is topped off with whipped cream and a medley of dried fruits for a textural and delicious twist on a classic holiday tradition.

Christmas Panettone Latte Starbucks Singapore - AspirantSG

Starbucks also announced the return of Starbucks® Christmas Blend, which has been enjoyed by millions around the world for over 30 years. To formulate this blend, Starbucks ages some of its finest Sumatra beans for up to five years to develop a spicy, cedary, deep and earthy flavour. These beans are then combined with robust coffee beans from Asia-Pacific and vibrant coffees from Latin America to deliver a full-bodied coffee that pairs well with a variety of Christmas foods, from savoury meals to sweet desserts.

Starbucks Christmas Blend 2015 - AspirantSG

You can also enjoy Starbucks® Christmas Blend Espresso Roast and Starbucks® Christmas Blonde Roast, available as whole-bean and the Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Christmas Blend and Starbucks Christmas Blend Origami to complement sparkling conversations at a dinner party or sweet holiday treats.

Starbucks Blonde Roast & Expresso Roast - AspirantSGIn addition to the Christmas Panettone Latte, several returning seasonal favorites will help customers across Singapore ring in the holiday season:

1. Toffee Nut Latte – A seasonal favorite that combines steamed milk, espresso and toffee nut syrup, all topped off with whipped cream and customer favorite, toffee nut sprinkles.

2. Gingerbread Latte – Taking a cue from everyone’s favorite Christmas cookie, this drink features the warm flavors of gingerbread combined with espresso and steamed milk that’s topped off with a spice-infused whipped cream and a brown sugar drizzle topping.

3. Peppermint Mocha – A customer favorite, this chocolatey beverage is infused with peppermint notes, reminiscent of candy canes and holiday festivities. It is finished off with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and red and white candy bits.

Christmas Hot Beverages From Starbucks

Christmas Food Offerings

Christmas is not complete without good and delicious desserts. This festive season, Starbucks Singapore will be offering a delectable range of sweet and savory treats in all stores. The Christmas menu comprises 9 scrumptious items and there is something to satisfy customers with a sweet tooth as well as those who prefer savory options. Some festive food highlights include:

1. Chocolate Praline Log Cake – This decadent and creamy chocolate-praline slice of log cake is served in the most luxurious way possible. The rich chocolate praline with hazelnut is topped off with gold dust, just what you need to get into the festive mood.

Starbucks Singapore Chocolate Praline Log Cake

2. Mont Blanc Tart – A popular dessert in Europe and North Asia, the Mont Blanc tart, aptly named, resembles a snow-capped mountain. The wonderfully rich chestnut cream is perfectly balanced with crumbly pastry tart lined with a generous layer of dark chocolate.

Starbucks Singapore Mont Blanc Tart

3. Triple Turkey Pie – A different take on the traditional festive staple, The Triple Turkey Pie comes in three different types of turkey – ham, bacon, & smoked turkey, and is finished with aromatic herbs and mixed peas in a buttery, flaky pastry.

Starbucks Singapore Triple Turkey Pie - AspirantSG

Gift of the Week

From 2nd November to 13th December, keep a close look out for Starbucks Gift of the Week because there will be different weekly treats across all Starbucks stores island wide! Visit a Starbucks near you to get the perfect gift for your loved ones! From cute mugs to French presses to little trinkets, there is something for everyone – coffee and non-coffee fans. Our Christmas merchandise or the Starbucks gift cards are perfect stocking stuffers too!

Starbucks Singapore Gift of the Week - AspirantSG

For more information, be sure to tune in Starbucks Facebook Page as they unveil each week’s festive treat! There’s no gift better than one from Starbucks.

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