Business Party Guide – 5 Steps To Throwing A Great Party

Whether it be for the holidays, celebrating a big company milestone, or wishing a co-worker well on their retirement, planning a great business party takes a great deal of time and effort. There is a great deal of thought that goes into planning a successful party. It is important to consider who the target audience will be, what the dress code will be, and who will be invited. These factors will set the stage for how you go about planning the party, from the invitations down to the smaller details such as decorations. In this business party guide, we will give you some helpful tips to get you started in the party planning process! You will be on your way to throwing an epic party in no time!

1. Food Service

When throwing a party, it is important to have great food for the attendees. People connect and have conversations while eating and to go without food at your party may make for an awkward situation. People gather around food and conversations naturally begin to occur. When selecting your menu for the party, consider going with the theme of the event. For example, if you are throwing a Hawaiian themed party to celebrate the retirement of your CEO, consider serving food that is tropical and has a Hawaiian flair to it. For some great ideas on serving food at your party, consult with corporate catering by Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services. They will be able to help you plan a menu that is perfect for your event and within your budget.

2. Entertainment

>No party is complete without entertainment! While it is important to have music and dancing, it is also a good idea to offer other fun and entertaining options for your partygoers. Perhaps hire a photobooth for the event or even a caricature artist. Your guests will enjoy the activity and have a keepsake to take home with them to commemorate the event.

3. Door Prizes

Sometimes it can be hard to get people to go out after a long week at work. Offering door prizes is a great way to entice people to attend the party. Door prizes do not have to be big or expensive. Perhaps a prize is a week of parking in the boss’ parking spot out in front of the building. If you don’t want prizes to be work-related, give out gift cards to local establishments. To keep your budget down, consider asking neighbouring companies for donations.

4. Libations

>It is true that when going to an adult party, libations are expected. While having libations available is a generous act, it can be quite expensive. To stay within your budget and still throw a classy event, consider only serving beer and wine. This way your patrons can enjoy an adult beverage but within reason.

5. Music

Having a great DJ or band to play music at your party is imperative to its’ success. Without dancing and fun music, the party will be a dud. Be careful when choosing the DJ or band for the event and make sure that you shop around. You want to make sure that the DJ or band members are fun and engaging as they can make or break the party.

Last but not least, remember to have fun while organising it!

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