5 Smart Hints For Choosing The Best Beef For Loved Ones

Beef is one of the most favourite meats worldwide; it comes from cows and is used in various places. However, choosing the right cut of meat can be confusing since each cut means different cooking time and procedure. This mostly depends on which part it is from. For instance, the chunk located at the neck part of a cow is usually for hamburgers and roasts. Below are factors to consider when choosing the best beef:


When selecting meat, make sure to check the freshness, if it smells funky and stale, then it is not fresh. Also opt for tender cuts with more connecting tissues since the taste of beef depends on the muscle fibres.


The more marbled fat in the meat, the more tender the meat is. Always ask your butcher to give you the right cut for your recipe. However, sometimes you may select tender beef cuts only to discover later that the beef has unfavourable qualities. For instance, the strip loin’s nerve end usually has a thick ribbon of connective tissues.


Make sure that you buy what you need, buying in bulk saves a lot, but this doesn’t apply when purchasing meat. Beef has delicate handling procedure as well as short shelf life that it can’t be stored at home for long and still maintain its quality.

Therefore make sure you buy what you require in your recipe. Also, ask the butcher for the shelf life of the meat as well as the right temperature to store the beef if you are not going to cook it instantly.

Marbling is a way of determining how tender, flavorful and costly the meat will be. However, high-quality beef is rare in grocery stores; most prime cuts go to high-class restaurants and Meat Delivery Hong Kong


Good meat is firm, therefore make sure to touch and check the beef before making any purchases. Touch the round part of your hand under the thumb; fresh meat should have the same firmness. The firmer the beef, the better the taste, therefore never opt for soft meat. Go for tough cuts with lots of connective tissues and coarse muscles with a generous amount of fat.


Raw beef is red and is usually brightly coloured. In case it appears pink and soggy, then it’s not the best. However, exceptional meat is different. It has a chocolate brown and reddish colour. Therefore, pick meat with bright red veins of fat or marbling through it.

The red colour is an indication that the beef is freshly cut. Also, fat running through the veins provides juiciness and flavour. However, as the meat cooks, the fat will run off the meat separating itself so that you don’t consume large amounts of fat.

Everyone wishes to get quality beef, if you are looking for the best steak, try Meat Delivery Hong Kong for good stakes great for any occasion. Be sure to pick the best cut which suits your budget and preferences.steak


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