Bold Fashion Statements For This Summer

As most of us are suckers for beach season and those hot summer nights, this time of the year is very exciting when it comes to fashion choices. This year’s fashion movement has been big, brave and bold, and it will continue to be so throughout summer as well. In an era of breaking conventional fashion rules and the rise of conscious clothing campaigns, fashion has never been as diverse and statement-making as it is today. The official change in season requires a fresh new wardrobe, and this summer offers a wide variety of trends to choose from.

Wake up your inner fashion diva and take note of the list below for the hottest trends and boldest fashion statements for the summer of 2019.

Oversized hats

A trend from last summer that has survived and will probably stick around for the next summer as well are classy and fun oversized hats. Style and protection come together in an accessory we just can’t get enough of. Veils and statement-making hats from the last season are now reincarnated with the assistance of a more lively spectrum of colours, prints and patterns. Moreover, the headwear trend is a life-saver for two reasons: protection from the sun and easy attention-grabbing touch to your outfit.

Cycling shorts

Although opinions are divided, no one can deny the rapid and successful rise of the cycling shorts on the 2019 fashion trends list. Particularly in combination with elegant blazers in various summer colours, bike shorts are rocking both catwalks and streets this season. It’s definitely a bold fashion statement to take bike shorts from the gym class or cycling session to a fancy date night. Pioneered by world celebrities like reality star Kim Kardashian or Victoria’s Secret Angel Gigi Hadid, this playful look is comfortable, hot and trendy – so think no more and get your pair or two.

Ruched dresses

All you need for a sexy summer night out is a little ruched dress. From a figure-enhancing potential to a fun twist and romantic take on body-con, carefully-positioned ruching can do a lot to a simple clothing item. It can skillfully hide all the flaws and accentuate your attributes by adding curves and stretching in the right places. Invest in an amazing Realisation Par dress with ruching and prepare for a summer-long showoff of your beautiful silhouette this year in a subtle yet bold manner.

Puff shoulders

Just yesterday we would be mocking the granny-looking puffy shirts, but with the end of the minimal trend era and some serious throwbacks to the ’80s and ’90s, puff shoulders are everything but a mocking material. Bold ruffles and oversized silhouettes have been around for some time, but statement puff shoulder on dresses and blouses are just in this season and are already taking over the world. This is no wonder – striking and stylish at the same time, puff sleeves give a unique, retro and powerful vibe to a casual outfit.

Animal Prints

Wild and bold go hand in hand, so feel free to embrace the comeback of animal instincts into fashion choices this season. While they had their moments back in the ’90s and ’00s, now they’re taking over the whole season! From sunglasses frames through shirts to even flip-flops, animal prints are showing up in both expected and unexpected places, in new forms, silhouettes and combinations. Prepare to proudly walk around in zebra, cheetah and other exotic animals patterns this summer.


Some might refer to these colours as ugly since they’re flashy, unexpected and sometimes just too much for our eyes. However, they provoke way more attention, admiration and drooling than last season’s obsession with pastels. Neons are particularly popular among athleisure outfits, bringing back the retro Adidas and Fila in vibrant zesty hues. You definitely won’t be unnoticed wearing a Zendaya-style neon pink dress to a party.


The new season’s most romantic and feminine trends are bows. Whether they’re on your waist, on your neck or your back, and sometimes even on your hair to tailor an adorable ponytail, bows have lost their prudish personality and are here to stay. They are available in many colours and designs, the most popular being the floral theme.

If you enjoyed the freedom and eccentricity of last summer’s fashion, brace yourself for this one – because it’s even more diverse, frisky and bold. This is the season for the resurgence of our favourite trends from the past with modern twists and twirls.

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