Backpacking & Snorkeling In Australia On A Budget

One of the most popular destinations for travel is certainly Australia since it combines so many activities that you can do. Backpacking, snorkeling and much more make it a unique place where you can make a lot of your travel wishes come true. So, if your next destination happens to be Australia, read our little guide and prepare for the most exciting experience.

Backpacking itineraries

Depending on how much time you have, and what is your budget, you can choose your Australian backpacking route easily. For shorter backpacking tours, some of the best are Tasmania, for example, where you will be able to enjoy different water sports on beautiful beaches. If you want something a bit more different, a two-week backpacking tour across some of Australia’s biggest cities is something you should try. Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide could be on your map. This takes approximately the same time, but it is a bit more expensive. Travelling along the eastern coastline is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have, it takes some three weeks, but it is worth the trouble. Sunshine Coast, Rainbow Bay beach, Gold Coast, and Sydney are just some of the places you can explore along the way.

Snorkeling itineraries

Snorkeling is one of the most beautiful experiences and definitely something you should do in Australia if you get the chance. The Great Barrier Reef is one option you could try. It is suitable for kids, so if you are travelling with your family, they will have fun too. You shouldn’t worry about sharks since they mostly avoid people. Jellyfish stings are not that common and seeing as how you will probably wear a full body suit, you will be protected. Other fun option could be Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef. This place is perfect for families since it is a small, calm town, so if you are looking for crazy night outs, this may not be the best place for you. However, it is a good place that combines both backpacking and snorkeling, so you can even do both. Lakeside is great if you are a beginner, but if you have snorkeled before, Turquoise Reef and Ningaloo Reef are amazing, but they have stronger currents, so you have to be careful.

Necessities for backpacking and snorkeling

It is possible to combine both activities on your trip and make the experience all the more exciting. The best thing to do is to rent a car in Sydney because you will probably land there, spend some time there and move along the way. What you will most certainly need during every step of your trip is a sunblock so make sure to pack that. Comfortable shoes which allow long walks are also a must, together with a water bottle, medicine, lamps, and, of course, a backpack. Bathing suits, towels, and all the small necessities you usually take to the beach are important although you can buy them at any place.

What you should find in advance is snorkeling gear. You should find the best snorkel mask which provides a wide view, so that you can see everything easily. Look for a soft mouthpiece so your jaw won’t hurt, and frameless design since it is more comfortable to wear. Some places don’t rent scuba gear, so ask in advance if you have to bring your own. Snorkel fins and a dry snorkel are also something you need. Some places allow snorkeling in a bathing suit, while in others, you will have to have a wet suit.

Backpacking and snorkeling on a budget

Many people like to know how to experience backpacking on a budget since it can get pretty expensive. There Is no escaping the flights and renting a car or camper van if you don’t want to go everywhere by bus, so those are all expenses you should plan in advance. Food and drinks are easy to find, although a helpful tip is to drink tap water since it is okay. When searching for activities, either try earlier bookings or see who offers discounts since you can always find some. As for snorkeling, you can buy your gear if you are going to be snorkeling in more than one place, since renting it every time will cost more. Snorkeling tours on their own don’t have to be expensive, you just have to find the best option in advance and set some money aside for a drink on the beach after this amazing experience.

The beautiful beaches and rich sea life in Australia make it a perfect place for your snorkeling adventure. To get there, you can backpack through the country and meet their culture, and what is even more exciting is that you will combine both into one trip, and have the best time of your life.

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