10 Best Flower Decor On Tabletop To Soothe Your Nerves

A study was conducted in Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc., in Tokyo showed that the exposure to flowers had physiological and psychological relaxing effects. The feelings of ‘comfort’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘natural’ were most commonly experienced thereby removing stress. For a stressful city like Singapore, the use of flowers may be just what we need to reduce stress, induce calming effects on our brain and connect to nature. Check out these best flower decor ideas on your tabletops that will soothe your nerves.

Single flower arrangements:

Single flower arrangements look pretty modern and chic – and it is simple! You really don’t need too many flowers. You can focus on one flower and play with the sizes and shapes before you decide on one. The most important thing to remember here is that when you create this type of arrangement, it will give a minimalistic look.

English daisies, sweet peas or orchids would look lovely in traditional bud vases. Placing single blooming flowers in vases will create the desired impact. You can also use the vintage medical bottles or miniscule glass vials for very small single flowers. These vials can be sourced from your local thrift store or eBay. A long stem of single white orchid in a long cylindrical vase will look ethereal. Place a floating candle next to it in a shorter cylindrical vase and you’ll see how the effect multiplies.

Did you know that you could use spools for flower arrangements? Insert a stem of ranunculus into various sized spools and arrange them on the centrepiece. If you want the blooms to last long, add some floral foam, which can be dampened with a straw.

Grouping several vases together

 Grouping together four or five vases will create dramatic effects on your centrepieces. If you have a small collection of blue pottery vases you can group them together in a close setting. Place a bunch of roses in one of them and let others remain empty. This display not only adds style but also is easy on people with a budget.

For a stunning look, group of five transparent glass vases. Fill each of them with tropical leaves and other interesting foliage. Use a long stem of lily in one of them. The length of the lily should be just enough to hang out of the flower vase.

If you have a large number of coloured bottles at home, why not use them? You can use these lovely bottles in shades of blue, green or amber and spread them out on the dining table. Fill each of them with a tendril and a lily. Or you could just put a lily in one or two of them and let other bottles reflect their original hues.

Flowers in a single large vase

 There is nothing more inviting than a table with fresh flowers. Sometimes it is the simplest of the ideas that have finest of effects. A bunch of tall tulips in a clear vase is just what you need to set the tone for a delectable meal. You can place the tulips in a low container – like your unused fishbowl.

How about grouping flowers according to their colours? If you use same colour family, you can see how a monochromatic group of flowers will create a magnificent effect. Take similar red coloured dahlias, roses, and billy balls and place them linearly to create a beautiful arrangement.

Silver bowls are not very popular in flower arrangements. But placing a few fresh dahlias with some succulent green leaves in a silver bowl will make it look exclusive. You can also use those modern steel vases instead of silver bowls.

If nothing works…

 Then you can just place a fishbowl with live goldfish swimming in it! These will be the stars of your dining room. Or place a few oranges in a powder blue bowl and create your own category of floral arrangement.

There are so many floral arrangements for your tabletops that this is far beyond the purview of this article. But you get the drift… You can spruce up any tabletop with lovely flower arrangements that are chic to make on your own.

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