5 Travel Tips On How To Pack Light For Your Vacation

Packing light for a vacation is every traveller’s struggle. When you’re excited about a certain place, sometimes you can’t contain it and tend to bring a lot with you. But don’t worry, this article will show you 5 tips to pack light for a vacation. We’ll get everything you need to get packed and ready to go, from your favourite trendy rompers, down to your vanity essentials. This requires some planning and crazy organizing, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it. You won’t be lugging an overpacked spinner that could be way over the baggage allowance, and you’ll have enough space for new items and souvenirs too. Let’s go!

1. Follow a checklist

Before you start packing away, it’s helpful to make a checklist of everything you need to bring with you. If you don’t know where to start, you can search online for a packing checklist. It will list out the most common items you need to pack. Basic items such as travel documents, money, and travel aids such as books, snacks, or gadgets, must be taken with you on your personal bag. On your checked bag, here’s where you need to put in your clothes, and your hygiene items. Once you’ve made a checklist of everything you need to pack, leave out those that are not really necessary. The last thing you should do is throw in all your favourite clothes in your luggage! A checklist helps you keep an inventory of your stuff too, so nothing gets lost when you come back from your travel. 

2. Wear your heavy clothes on the plane

If you want to carry a clothing item that’s bulky and heavy, wear it during travel instead. This way you can save luggage space and still keep your favourite sweater with you. Some heavy items you can consider wearing on the plane are your winter boots, bulky sweater, or your heavy trench coat. Layer it with warm pieces inside so you’re set for a cosy plane ride ahead! 

3. Use light travel bags

Packing light isn’t just about bringing the lightest clothes with you, it’s also about choosing the right travel bag to take with you on the plane. What use is all these light packing tips if your checked-in luggage weighs a ton? There are a lot of high-quality luggage brands out there that offer roomy compartments and lots of features, more so, that doesn’t weigh a lot. American Tourister’s Lock’n’roll spinner and Butterfly’s Mellowa suitcase are all lightweight and heavy-duty bags that’ll take care of your packing needs.

4. Bring accessories

If you’re concerned about the lack of fashionable clothes you can bring with you due to space constraints, then hear this out. Make use of your accessories to style your outfits instead. Packing light is no excuse for looking dull. You can spice up any outfit with the right accessories. Bring some gloves, hats, beanies, and scarves, and mix and match with you’ve packed so far.

5. Use travel sized toiletries

Miniature bath care products save you a lot of luggage space that could be used for other items such as more socks and more scarves. If you’re just travelling for a week, surely you don’t have to bring a full-sized shampoo bottle with you. If you’re travelling for longer, it’s not so hard to just buy bath essentials from the city you’re staying in.

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