Appreciating my mum with SOO KEE JEWELLERY (SOOKEE E-STORE)

My mother, ALICE,  is an iconic figure in my life. At the age of 68, she is still very agile and active.  Two years ago, when I opened my second Feet Haven Reflexology outlet in Serangoon Gardens, she quit her job and joined me as a Centre Manager taking care of the operations and management of the outlet.

It wasn’t easy initially. She had to adjust to the many changing demands. Customers were extremely hard to please. Masseurs were also difficult to handle. I remember we were once faced with a situation where we had only one masseur who is willing to work for us on a weekend! Yes, that’s a scary and terrible situation to face.

I couldn’t imagine having to go through this process alone; and if not for her persistence and hard work, I would not have witnessed how Feet Haven Serangoon branch got turned around.


Against all the odds, my mother worked extra hard to prove herself. She learnt the hard way of managing masseur schedules, handling difficult customers, and selling packages to attract our loyal customers to come back. It wasn’t easy as she has not been officially trained in the retail environment. When she hit her target of 40K for the first time, she was overjoyed and called me to proclaim her results. That was a defining moment in her life.


Indeed, my mother didn’t have it easy. My dad passed away when I was 21 years old.  Faced with a life-changing situation, she was devastated to realize that she has to take care of her kids alone for the rest of her life. I remember she took approximately 2 years to recover from her grief.  It wasn’t easy but she took everything in her stride and overcame her loss.

Fast forward many years, my mother is now a happy, joyful and contented individual. She goes for her daily morning exercise routine with her friends.  After her  exercise, she reports to work on time at noon and works till 10pm in the night. I can see that she’s also been travelling a lot these two years. She has recently traveled to countries like Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong and is planning her two upcoming trips this year.\

I believe it is the wish of every child to see their parents getting healthy and enjoying their golden years. Being active mentally and physically is important for these seniors.

Thanks to SOOKEE Jewellery, I was able to show my little appreciation to my mother during the last Mother’s Day. Being a guy, it is quite natural for us to withhold our emotions and appreciation for people we love. The closest I have come to expressing my love for my mum was an arrangement of a bouquet of flowers delivered to her on her birthday in March 2016.  She was overjoyed when she received the flowers.  As I was told. So while searching online, I found SOOKEE’s estore at SOO KEE Jewellery has now officially gone online with Singapore’s first customizable diamond ring store!


Navigating the revamped SOO KEE website was seamless and easy. When I was navigating the site, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the website allows up to 40 times magnification and 360 degree views of the actual diamond one is interested in. Cool isn’t it? It means that you can actually view the  inside of the diamond  with pristine close-ups.  I was even more surprised to know that the GIA certification of every diamond can also be viewed!


I didn’t have the budget to purchase a diamond!  but after much online shopping, I found a suitable Pearl Pendant ‘Dancia’ worth SGD499. This Dancia Pearl Pendant is in white gold with 36 side diamonds approximately 0.15ct.


Once I added this item to cart, I logged in with my Facebook account and  made the necessary payment. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete the purchase.  Two days later, the parcel came.


Tell me about seamless online shopping. Navigating around SOOKEE E-STORE was definitely a breeze.  The landing site was classified according to the different product categories: Diamonds, Engagement rings, Wedding rings, Jewellery & gifts and sale items, which makes the selection a lot faster as we can zoom straight into the product categories we are interested in.


We had our usual Mother’s Day lunch. No Fancy restaurants or major fanfare. We settled our lunch at SUM’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat Restaurant in Sembawang.

As Cliché as it sounds, ‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.’

Thank you Mother. And Thank you SOOKEE E-STORE.

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