2 Day 1 Night in Genting Highland

I had the honour to spend a short getaway in Genting Highland and I must say it is interesting.
Tell anyone about going to Genting Highlands around this time and almost every time you would receive questions like “ eh I thought it’s still renovating? “ “Theme park open already meh?” .
Yea, without a doubt, the theme park is definitely one of the highlights, but there are way more than just that.

Let me bring you through the things I did and places I went!

For the round up video, watch out for it at the end of this post

We took the late 1030 pm coach from Golden Mile and reached Genting at about 5am, after a short stopover at Yong Peng.

We then checked in to the First World Hotel.

The hotel was so cool, they don’t even require air conditioner because of the strategic location high on top. They have these USB ports! You can plug your cable in to charge your devices even if you forget your travel adapter.

Canon PowerShot G7 X676



A slight rest later, it was time for activities.

First up was the Spacetastic Adventure with Ice Age: Collision Course at First World Plaza

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It was really crowded here because it is a family engaging activity. Fully suitable for family settings and kids.
There would be a series of games and challenges that each group would have to complete. It has everything to do with Ice Age and space.

Sneak peek!

Canon PowerShot G7 X178

That is all I’m going to reveal, if you care to know, head down to find out for yourself!

*It would be held until the 24th of July*

Do note that each group size is about 2 to 4 people. So that also explains the waiting time.

Fans of Ice Age would also get the opportunity to go up close to the characters they like during the scheduled meet and greets. You get to take pictures with your favorite characters.

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Don’t miss it!

*5 to 10 July 2016; 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 5.30pm. *

For more information, visit www.rwgenting.com or call 03 – 2718 1118.

It was around 2:30pm. Lunch time!

We had the hi tea buffet at Food Factory, conveniently located at the 3rd floor of First World Plaza.

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After Ice Age, we casually strode towards lunch and reached in less than 5 minutes.

It was an impressive space! Designed specially to cater for tour groups and MICE market, the restaurant can accommodate up to 1,300 diners at one time. Say no to waiting!

Canon PowerShot G7 X262

I don’t mean to make you hungry but the selections of food are endless. From drinks, mains to desserts.

Canon PowerShot G7 X237 Canon PowerShot G7 X270 Canon PowerShot G7 X290

Among other choices offered are varieties of freshly Baked Breads and Local Buns, Danishes, Pancakes, Cereals, Nasi Lemak, Idli, Dhokla, Putu Mayam, Pita Bread, Paratha, Congee and Condiments, assorted pau, Juice, Coffee & Tea. Pizza lovers will also enjoy freshly baked pizza from our large pizza conveyor such as Pizza with Tomato Sauce and Cheese and Vegetarian Pizza with Mushroom.

Food Factory don’t just serve Hi Tea, they do Breakfast and Dinners too.

The restaurant serves a delightful range of breakfast offering from 4 different counters ie: West Asian, East Asian, Western and pastry too.

Timings as shown below.

• Breakfast Buffet
6.00am to 11.00am
RM 29.00 nett [adult] and RM 14.50 nett [child]

• Hi-Tea Buffet
12.00 noon to 5.00 pm
RM 38.00 nett [Adult] ; RM 10.00 nett [Child]

• Buffet Dinner
5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
RM 68.00 nett [Adult] ; RM 28.00 nett [Child]

Featuring the very best of East & West. Every dish is cooked fresh to order and served piping hot so every bite fills your mouth with delight.
For more information, please call 03 – 2718 1118 or log on to www.rwgenting.com

With a satisfied tummy, we head on to our next activity. Which was my highlight of the trip, Power Rangers Life.

Canon PowerShot G7 X330 Canon PowerShot G7 X325
The million-ringgit production, Power Rangers Live in Genting 2016, is the first Power Rangers live show to be held in Southeast Asia and the first ever Dino Charge live show in the world.

The one-hour show features an international cast and crew—specifically 25 Japanese joining forces with 15 Malaysians to make the production a reality. They will bring to life the actions Power Rangers are best known for—in this case, battling Sledge’s Army for the magical Energems that hold invincible powers.

The live show is based on the two Power Rangers television series, the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Dino Charge. The Rangers, the five warriors chosen by the Energems to protect Earth and to prevent it from falling into evil hands, find themselves repeatedly engaged in battle with the villains, Fury, Poisandra and their sidekicks.

Canon PowerShot G7 X302 Canon PowerShot G7 X335 Canon PowerShot G7 X417

It was extremely thrilling and it kept most of the audiences on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next.
What special effects and plot twist would come up?
The kids had a whole lot of fun, answering questions the Rangers threw at them. Exclaiming really loudly, being really “helpful” to the characters. I think it is worth every cent spent because of how realistic it was.

There was a photo taking session at the end of the show and in my honest opinion, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to take a funky and unique family photo together with the Power Rangers.

Canon PowerShot G7 X442

The kids were all in awe and it’s amazing just to watch the way they react when they see their heroes.

The show was one whole hour but there was not one dull moment.
It was intense, interesting and engaging. The power rangers would run up to the audiences and be near to them, while the kids shriek with excitement.

Canon PowerShot G7 X387
It was truly a pleasant experience for both Power Rangers Fans and the neutral public.


For dinner, we took a bus down to Awana Rajawali Coffee House.

It’s also buffet style. It was a beautiful place, with gorgeous view of the lush greenery. We were seated at the balcony and had the freedom to dine right there, facing the greenery, almost one with the nature. If you worry about mosquitoes bite, fret not, because the balcony is covered with insect netting.

Canon PowerShot G7 X621

Moving on to the food, as if I wasn’t already spoilt for choice during lunch in the Food Factory, the variety in Awana Rajawali was equally, if not wider. My stomach couldn’t handle!

There was salad bar, dessert bar, soups, and endless options of meat cooked in different seasonings.

Canon PowerShot G7 X598 Canon PowerShot G7 X591 Canon PowerShot G7 X586

The atmosphere was peaceful, quiet and it was really spacious. It makes one feel really comfortable and at ease dining. I really liked it.

Canon PowerShot G7 X734

There were singers adding to the ambience of the place at one point.

Awana Rajawali Coffee House serves Breakfast and Lunch too.

• Breakfast Buffet
RM 32.00 nett [adult] and RM 16.00 nett [child]

• Hi-Tea Buffet
RM 48.00 nett [Adult] ; RM 24.00 nett [Child]

• Buffet Dinner
RM 68.00 nett [Adult] ; RM 32.50 nett [Child]

For more information please visit our website at http://www.rwgenting.com/dining/buffet/rajawali-coffee-house/

If you’re looking for more things to do after dinner, there are various other attractions. The most common one being the casinos in Genting, there are also many bars to drink at, chill. It’s difficult to get bored with nothing to do in Genting with the food, karaoke, massages, manicure. You can even get a haircut there just like our travelling partner!

Here’s a short video of the trip consisting of the major activities we got to participate in. Enjoy!

Have fun, and stay awesome!

Big thank you to Resort World Genting for this amazing experience!

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