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Most of us in Singapore today cannot live without air conditioners. The air conditioner we are familiar with allow us to control your preferred temperature but leaves out many other important factors that may affect your personal comforts – such as humidity, sunlight, changes in outdoor weather, and more. Answering the call towards a smart nation in Singapore, the folks behind Ambi Climate is proud to introduce Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to your air conditioning and revolutionise the way you enjoy your indoor space forever! 

Smarter Comfort via Artificial Intelligence

Don’t you find it troublesome to always look for the remote control whenever you wish to adjust your air condition temperature? This is particularly irritating when we are sleeping and our body switches to different temperature preference through the night.

With Ambi Climate, this switching of temperature may soon be a thing of the past. Using the smartphone app, all you need to do is to indicate if you are hot, cold, or comfortable, and the A.I. engine will learn the impact of these factors on you. As these factors change, the A.I. will automatically adjust your air conditioner, delivering better comfort and virtually eliminating overcooling and overheating hence delivering up to a 30% reduction in your AC energy consumption in the process.

More Than Just Temperature

Yes, other than just adjusting the temperature to suit your preference, the multiple sensors will detect temperature, humidity, weather and other factors too. Similar to its treatment to temperature, Ambi Climate uses A.I. techniques to learn and analyze the impact of these multiple factors on your comfort.

Smart-Enable Your Air Conditioner

Ambi Climate allows you to access your air conditioning with your smartphone, anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection – from the next room, across town, or around the world. You can also monitor the conditions at home while you’re on-the-go to take better care of your pets and loved ones, pre-cool your home, and cut down on unnecessary energy consumption.

Smarter Tools for Your Air Conditioner

Ambi Climate brings the smart home experience to life by making home climate control effortless. You will have access to Visual Timers which allow you to pre-set daily or weekly schedules to keep your pets cool and your property protected, without wasting energy.

Geolocation capability will automatically switch on and off your air conditioning based on your location and last but not least, you will be surprised to know that Ambi Climate is also IFTTT enabled, allowing you to control your air conditioning based on your location, enabling voice control, and delivering you a truly connected smart lifestyle.

Great Design For Every Home

With a sleek and stylish design, Ambi Climate blends in well with any interior design concepts and offers you with smarter convenience, personalised comfort and a true smart home experience. It is ideal for the eco-conscious, pet owners and parents alike.

Get Your Ambi Climate Now

They released their second edition product on Kickstarter and raised $155,374USD. If you missed out on the chance to order your Ambi Climate 2nd Edition this time round, no worries! You can head over to their site to pre-order your unit now!

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