10 Affordable Travel Destinations To Visit For Spring 2018

Before we know it, we are almost at the end of January 2018 and spring is round the corner. Are you making plans to travel to a relaxing destination for a well-deserved spring break? If budget is a concern for you, we are here to help you shortlist some affordable travel destinations for your considerations. Here is a list of 10 destinations crafted by our friendly travel writers at Writers Per Hour just for you.

1. Boracay, Philippines

Situated in the middle of 7,000 islands near the coastline of Philippines is Boracay. Boracay’s White beach is the star attraction of this destination. And worry not about the budget. Boracay is a highly affordable place, be it the stay options, sightseeing or shopping in this scenic place!

2. Bali, Indonesia

One of the top beach vacations of Asia, Bali is a place to hunt for golden sand beaches and traditional Asian spirit. This destination is famous amongst budget travellers and is a treat for the eyes in the spring season. Dreamland, Padang Padang, and Jimbaran bay a must to visit during your trip to Bali.

3. Kohli Pe, Thailand

The island of Kohli Pe is surrounded by beautiful beaches. It is situated on Thailand’s west coast and famous for its turquoise waters. Thailand is a country that hosts travellers on all the budget ranges making it one of the most preferred affordable destination to visit in 2018!

4. Krabi, Thailand

Another gem destination for budget travellers, Krabi is a native place for savvy tourers. The mangroves and limestone islands surrounding Krabi come highly recommended for a visit. Krabi is a more calm place, away from the bustling and party culture of places like the Phuket. This is an excellent place to be if you are on a budget!

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the cheapest destinations in Asia for you to visit, Hanoi harbours excellent food and stay options for you. This place is a cultural fusion of Asian communism and French colonialism. Make sure to tick mark this place in your wishlist!

6. Pokhara, Nepal

If you are passionate about the natural beauty, look no further than Pokhara in Nepal. This place is also the tourist hub of Nepal and is cheaper than the capital city Kathmandu. Head out for absorbing the pristine beauty of mountains and clouds without burning a hole in your pocket!

7. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No other place is better to have a beer alongside the river cafes of Phnom Penh. It is another affordable destination of Southeast Asia worth exploring. The weather is mostly pleasant in this city and has tons of scope for cultural exploration. Head out to this destination in 2018!

8. Goa, India

Known for its beaches and larger-than-life parties, Goa is a small state of India harbouring many beaches and towns in it. You can slowly burn in the ecstasy of the electronic music and hippie culture, or simply take some fish and beer alongside a beach shack. All this can be done without punishing yourself financially.

9. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Surrounded by the city wall and known for its ancient temples, Chiang Mai is also referred to as the ‘Capital of North Thailand.’ It is not crowded and cheaper than the cities like Bangkok! This city is a favourite for creative people while they work on their projects!

10. Vientiane, Laos

Carrying a fascinating culture of its own, Vientiane of Laos is for those looking for an escape to a ‘low-key’ place. It is cheaper than other cities of Laos and feels like a place where traditions and culture are still preserved in the native form. Plan to travel here in 2018!

The above-listed places are the most affordable places to travel this spring of 2018. Add some new experience and sweet memories to your life. Happy travelling! 

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