6 Favourite Dishes At PARKROYAL Spice Brasserie Endless Crab Party

Spice BrasseriePARKROYAL on Kitchener Road has just launched its delectable Endless Crab Party buffet dinner and there is no reason for any respectable crab lovers to miss it. There are 12 different kinds of crabs to indulge in and I will be taking you through 6 of my personal favourites. Although crabs are the key characters in this buffet, the spread also includes fresh sashimi as well as lobsters!

1. Salted Egg Yolk Crab with Curry Leaves

I absolutely adore the rich flavours of the salted egg sauce. The sauce was thick, fragrant, intense and leant towards savoury instead of our usual sweet experience. This dish could easily claim the position of my favourite dish of the night. I can see myself going back for lots more servings.

2. Wok Fried Crab with Wu Jia Pi Wine

Another one of my favourites. I have always been a huge lover of dishes cooked with Chinese wines and Wu Jia Pi is a kind of Chinese sweet wine which is totally up my alley. The fact that the crab is wok fried gives it a lovely ‘wok hei’ aroma to the crab, without overshadowing the herbal undertones of the sweet wine.

3. Slow Braised Pumpkin Crab

This dish really took me by surprise. I am never a pumpkin lover so I was expecting not to like the dish in the first place. However, the slow braised pumpkin broth with its fragrant, thick texture and slightly spicy undertone won me over. I loved how the flavours seep into the tender crab meat. Heavenly…

4. Stir Fried Crab with Jalapeno

Although I am definitely not a fan of spicy food, this dish was pleasant enough for me to enjoy it without breaking out in sweat. The jalapeno was spicy, no doubt, but at the same time packed with flavours. I will recommend this for spice lovers alongside the mainstay Chilli Crab.

5. Crab Bee Hoon

Not all restaurants execute this dish well. However, Spice Brasserie’s rendition of it had me going for second servings. The crab meat was fresh, succulent and accompanied by the springy bee hoon which has soaked up most of the thick, delicious broth that it was prepared in.

6. Flame Grilled Mentaiko Lobster

Although lobsters are not part of the buffet menu, I was thrilled to learn that each diner gets to enjoy a serving of mentaiko lobster. The torching of the mentaiko on the lobster was performed by a chef at the grilling station, and it was fun to watch him torch our lobsters. The lobster meat was sweet and came off the shell in one piece, which definitely indicated its freshness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the hands-on experience of getting my hands dirty and cracking crab pincers and opening shells. I also relished the fact that the crabs served were fresh and definitely worth every cent spent on this buffet. Crab lovers will find them themselves spoilt for choices with the wide variety of crabs being cooked and served in different ways.


For UOB, DBS Maybank or HSBC Cardmember, it is only $129 for two adults (min. Four to dine) from Thurs – Sunday, eve of and Public Holiday.

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  1. Wow. Super mouthwatering dishes. I love seafoods especially those big crabs and shrimps. Ugh! I’m feeling hungry while reading this post. haha


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