3D Printer Research Project: A Step Into The Future

If you need to write a research paper on technology, a 3D printer may be a perfect topic. Despite the fact that we live in a progressive era, the current level of awareness in 3D technology leaves much to be desired. Even with basic knowledge about 3D printers, the areas of their actual use remain unclear to many people. Therefore, your research project will be very relevant and bring useful information to readers.

3D printing application

It is worth taking into account both existing opportunities and prospects. Even today, the field of using 3D printing is very extensive and does not stop expanding. Of course, we will see many large-scale projects and active distributing advanced techniques in the future, but 3D printers’ practical applying is already available to everyone.

Architecture and design

Printed shoes and dresses do not surprise anyone now. But there are more impressive objects, for example printed houses that can withstand almost any weather phenomena. It even does not make sense to list smaller objects. There are lots of them.

Also, 3D printing is often used by designers and architects to visualize an object for a client. 2D pictures and drawings do not allow people to understand how they will feel in a projected house, how it will look when built, how many places certain objects will take.

Education and research

3D printers are simply indispensable in the research field. They allow studying important features of different objects and processes, preparing materials necessary for practical lessons. It is much easier for students to grasp different concepts if they can use models and not just read textbooks or look at multimedia presentations with 2D images. Architects, engineers, biologists – all they should see how different things and live organisms work. That is why there is always at least one 3D printer in each reputable educational institution.


Medics have long learned to apply 3D technologies for treating patients, manufacturing all kinds of prosthetic elements. Growing organs based on stem cells is also underway. It is possible that the need for donorship will disappear in the near future, and it will become possible to print out any necessary organ.


One cannot create a jewellery masterpiece without preparing a correct wax prototype. With a traditional approach, this takes a lot of time and effort. Using a 3D printer, one can quickly build a wax form for any piece of jewellery. This greatly simplifies masters’ work and allows making changes to an existing model.


Various aircraft types, including drones and UAVs, were more than once created using 3D printers. Although 3D technology is most often used for prototyping spare parts. An innovative approach allows evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of a model, seeing it in action and adjusting an existing project.


3D printing allows reducing financial and time spending for manufacturing various electronic devices and their elements. However, this is possible only for those devices which have a structure based on plastics and metals, i.e. materials suitable for 3D printing.

Repair and restoration

3D printing is ideal for repairing and restoring damaged parts. Such procedures can be carried out by any person on one’s own if having appropriate skills and equipment and in specialized 3D printing services.

Firstly, a 3D model is built based on a damaged object. 3D scanning can be used to simplify designing. Next, a ready model is sent to print and reproduced in the required number of copies. Repairing and restoring damaged parts using 3D printing is fast, and the availability of a digital model allows reprinting it at any time.

Household items

Do you need an organizer for an office or a stand for knives? Any household items can be created using a 3D printer. If you want to show imagination and make something original, there are no limitations. Thanks to 3D printing, your home can be decorated and made more functional easily and inexpensively.

Toys and souvenirs

If you have a 3D printer, it is very easy to make a child happy – just give one nice 3D toys. There are already some pretty interesting projects for board games, and this list will only expand in the future. Printed toys can please not only children but also enthusiastic collectors because they are free to make figures of any computer game and movie characters.

Also, colour 3D printing allows making exclusive souvenirs – miniature figures of real people. For this, a person’s digital model is formed based on 3D scanning. In this case, all textures and colour data are preserved. This gift will surely appeal to everyone because getting a tiny copy of oneself is so unusual.

Food industry

More and more restaurants and cafes use 3D technology for processing food. Also, it can be used for preparing meals for astronauts. Some people treat such methods to reveal a culinary talent with distrust, mainly because of omnipresent fashion for a healthy lifestyle and natural nutrition. It is important for such people to understand that this innovative technology does not pose threats to human health, has great potential and can make food more accessible. There will be no need to spend half a day near an oven to get ready for a festive dinner.

Pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturing tablets and other drugs may be simplified by using 3D printers. Legalized pills for epilepsy are already used in the US. Special technology allows creating medications gradually affecting the human body. That is, instead of taking a lot of pills, one can use only one.

Small batch production

3D printing is just a godsend for small-scale production. Compared with traditional methods, it is very beneficial from a financial point of view. Properties of many materials allow creating ready products at a minimal cost. For example, manufacturing die casting moulds is a long and expensive process. At the same time, die casting itself takes long. One can print a batch of necessary products on a 3D printer in a matter of hours, which is extremely convenient for companies having frequent orders for small batches.

Of course, these are far not all current and prospective methods for using 3D technology. It is difficult to predict accurately further discoveries and breakthroughs in this area. But it can be said for sure that 3D printing will continue to be in demand and even more integrated into everyday life.

Therefore, a professor should evaluate your topic choice for a research project positively. If you find it difficult to prepare an academic paper yourself, it makes sense to turn to the best essay writing service. Good luck!

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