Who Is A Freelance Writer

You have definitely heard the word «freelance» and can say for sure, this term becomes more and more popular. So, what does «freelance» mean? 

Freelancing is a type of work based on a contract directly with clients without being employed by the organization. It is also a good way to make an extra income in case you have a main job and don’t want to quit it. But if you decide to do a full-time job as a freelancer, you should keep in mind the fact that you ought to provide your services qualitatively for customers’ needs and surf the net as often as possible. Freelance, of course, doesn`t guarantee you tons of money, but it is a great way to make your life flexible and can definitely satisfy your needs in general. So, it`s up to you what type of work to choose. One of the most popular freelance vacancies is a writer.

Freelance writer definition

A freelance writer is considered to be a self-employed worker. No matter if you work for one company or for several ones, choose the most appropriate way. The more multi-purpose a writer can be, the more likely one is to be published and paid for the work. A freelance writer job seems like a dream. Imagine how cool it would be to lay on a beach while writing! There is no need to be cooped up in a small office every day, you can easily make your life more flexible and earn a great deal of money. The main characteristic of a successful freelance writer is self-discipline because you ought to manage your time on your own and take care of a regular income.

How to get into freelance writing

Let us be clear, the career of a freelance writer isn`t as sweet and easy as it may seem. But if you are really interested in making money for your job, you should know some important points, and here they are:

1. Figure out your niche.

Start with something you are qualified at. You should be well versed in the subject you are writing about. Also, match the client`s needs with your knowledge, you don`t need to spend most of the time searching for information instead of writing. Nobody will pay you for simple research. Only a high-quality final result can bring you money. Choose a niche you are aware of. Don`t lose yourself in a pile of information, start from one or two topic areas first and rise your skills further.

2. Create a website.

Your page must speak for you. Fill it with your background, explain a writing field and design it like you want to illustrate the personality in the most appropriate way, work on your portfolio too. Don`t be afraid to use WordPress. In addition to demonstrating your talent, this page is the place where you set up a business, don`t forget about it! Become inspired and learn from the websites of other writers. The main freelancers` mistake is setting prices on a website. You`ll discuss them with a client later, taking into account goals, your personal skills etc.

3. Make samples.

Share your creativity! Fill your portfolio with samples and post it to LinkedIn Pulse and Medium.

4. Send it.

Give notice of your service to companies from your niche. Let them know about your readiness to cooperate. Don`t panic if you have no replies at first, take your time and keep mailing to other potential clients. Use your LinkedIn profile, join groups similar to your niche and start cooperating.

5. Present positive feedback.

It would be great to ask your clients to write a short review about your work and how satisfied they are with it, then publish it on your site. Use their names and other information (if it is necessary) with their permission. If you consider yourself a good writer and you are ready to work hard, keep trying and never give up. Keep calm, gently strengthen your authority and you`ll make it work!

What do freelance writers do

Generally, a freelance writer establishes a text depending on what a customer wants. This type of work consists of creative and formal aspects. Essentially, freelance writers’ work is the same business as any other. It takes time to find new clients, improve a portfolio, distribute services etc. Besides freelance academic writing jobs, writers’ field includes articles, websites, blog posts, brochures, internal corporate communications and others. As you can see, this is a huge place to grow as a professional writer.

Speaking about a freelance writer job, one should mention not only flexibility, creativity but also a financially successful life with negotiation skills and discipline.

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