25 Exotic Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List In 2016

There is nothing like the end of an eventful and hopefully fulfilling year to plan your travels next year. Being in safe, urban Singapore made us long for somewhere more adventurous, exotic and hopefully a travel destination that we can brag ‘we have been there done that’! Here’s our list of 25 Exotic Travel Destinations ForYour Bucket List In 2016 for you to start thinking about with your loved ones. be bold and have fun exploring the world!

1. Rio de Janeiro (Summer Olympics 2016) – Brazil

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2. Tiger Nest – Bhutan

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3. Acropolis – Pergamum, Turkey

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4. Lhasa – Tibet

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5. Faroe Islands – Denmark

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6. Borobudur – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

7. Transylvania – Romania

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8. Beijing – China

9. Edinburgh – Scotland

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10. Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

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11. Christchurch & Canterbury – New Zealand

12. Lima – Peru

13. JiuJiuzhaigou – Sichuan, China

14. Bavaria – Germany

15. Kubu Island – Botswana

16. Kyoto – Japan

17. Vidzeme – Latvia

18. Pyongyang – North Korea

19. Great Barrier Reefs – Cairns, Australia

20. Sapa – Vietnam

21. Ilulissat  Greenland

22. Siem Reap – Cambodia

23. Mount Lovcen – Montenegro

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24. Georgetown – Penang, Malaysia

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25. Utah – United States Of America

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We hope we have inspired you with these 25 Exotic Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List In 2016. If you feel that we have missed out certain destinations, please share with us in the comments below.

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