15 Memorable Instagram Posts Of Singapore Jubilee SG50 Year

2015 has been a year of emotional ups and down for many of us Singaporeans. In just one short year, we witness the passing of our founding father, the celebration of our nation’s 50th birthday, voting for strong leaders who will bring us through to SG100 etc. Before the year comes to an end, we summed up the most iconic events and news that impact our Little Red Dot. Let’s learn from our past and braving advance forward as a nation to SG100!

1. Our Most Colourful Parade!

A photo posted by Wong Chek Poh (@saslwp) on

2. Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew

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3. He Made Eating Bananas Cool Again

4. Fittest Of The SEA Competes!

5. We Owns A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like Finally!

A photo posted by Eugene Tang (@eugenegoesplaces) on

6. Our Little Red Dot Turns Pink For A Day

A photo posted by Pink Dot SG (@pinkdotsg) on

7. Amazing Fireworks At The Float

A photo posted by pettypoh13 (@pettypoh13) on

8. National Day Parade At The Padang

A photo posted by Cassie Ong (@cassakating) on

9. The Nation Votes

10. Stunned Like Vegetables … I Dunno What To Say

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11. National Gallery Singapore Open Its Doors

A photo posted by Jasmin Lim (@jasminlim) on

12. Love Will Conquer All Haze!

A photo posted by Timothy Sim (@timothysimwj) on

13. Our Paralympians Has Done Us Proud!

14. The Law Has Spoken!

A photo posted by Lee Yi Lun (@lunshines23) on

15. Onward to SG100!

Know of any other significant event in 2015 that we have missed out? Share with us in the comments section below!

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