What’s HOT & What’s NOT About Lenovo Yoga Pro 3?

We had our hands on Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and summarised what’s HOT and what’s NOT about the product. Let’s start with the yea factors:   

What’s HOT!

1. Amazing Flexibility

Living up to its name, the ‘Yoga Pro’ flaunts its flexibility in 4 standard modes – laptop mode for functionality, stand mode for sharing content with friends, tablet mode for portability and tent mode.

2. Mobility Is A Breeze

It is slim and lightweight – even lighter and thinner than Apple’s Macbook Air.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 Light Weight - AspirantSG

3. Awesome For Clumsy Folks

The wise selection of materials compliments the design of the device impeccably. Its external shell is made of aluminium, and surrounding the keyboard and trackpad is a rubberised plastic material with a matt finish. Gorilla glass, known for its anti-scratch properties, is utilised for the display. Doesn’t this scream awesome for all of us clumsy people?

4. Hardy & Flashy Exterior

A unique watch band hinge unlike any other. It is strong, interesting and has an eye-catching design.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 Hinge Exterior - AspirantSG

5. Great Displays

Its display resolution is top-notch. The Yoga Pro 3 has a Quad HD+ screen, with 3200×1800 pixels, giving it an incredible pixel density of 270ppi for a laptop. This 13.3 inch IPS LCD comes with good back lighting that allows for decent visibility, even in harsh sunlights.

6. Long Battery Life

Don’t you hate it when your gadgets die on you? We do! The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 definitely doesn’t disappoint in terms of its battery life and performance. It lasts approximately 7 hours on light use and 3 hours on heavy use – pretty outstanding when compared to other ultrabooks in the market.

What’s NOT:

1. Pricey

Priced at SGD$2399, the Yoga Pro 3 is rather expensive for an ultrabook, especially so when there are other cheaper options out there.

2. Can’t Do Heavy Lifting

When streaming content or watching media, occasional drops in frames can be So if you are looking for a heavy duty laptop to play computer games, edit videos or anything that requires heavy processing, please look somewhere else.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 Review - AspirantSG

3. Odd Placement

Its microscopic power button is strangely positioned at the right edge of the device, in the center. This button can be a real annoyance when pressed accidentally and its peculiar location doesn’t make things any better.

4. Muffled Sound Quality

The JBL speakers are placed at the bottom of the ultrabook. It tends to be covered in laptop mode and completely blocked in tablet mode, muffling the original sound quality. What a waste of a good set of speakers!


1. The capacitive button (yup, you heard us… that little thing in the middle isn’t a mere logo) is not as sensitive as a phone’s. It may require a longer flat press for a response.

P.S. Patience is a virtue.

2. This device is pitched to travellers or students.

3. The keyboard is decently spaced and tactile. It gives you a great typing experience.

Typing On Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - AspirantSG


The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 is definitely worth the buy if you’re on the hunt for a portable work tool. However, you may want to reconsider your options due to the price of the ultrabook. If price is not a concern, the built quality and remarkable battery life will leave you with no regrets.

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