Quiet Moments On Singapore Southern Island – Sisters Islands

The sound of waves lapping onto the shore, cicadas humming loudly in the background, coconut trees swaying as a gentle breeze blows through them…If I told you that I was describing a place in Singapore you would be wrong, because I’m actually describing one of our Southern Islands, Sisters’ Islands. A 20 minute boat ride from Marina South Pier, it’s the direct opposite of what the mainland is.

Welcome To Sisters Islands Singapore - AspirantSG

Don’t go expecting pristine beaches or full moon parties. There is nothing to do on the island. All 4.2 acres of the island is relatively flat , dotted with coconut trees and a toilet (with bathing facilities). That’s it.

Shadow Of Coconut Tree On Sisters Islands Singapore - AspirantSG

But that in itself is the attraction. A detox from the stress and everyday hustle and bustle of life. Strip away the sound of cars, traffic, voices , everyday electronics and what are you left with? 

Peace and Calm. The clarity to focus on the moment.

Calm Thoughts On Sisters Islands Singapore - AspirantSG

Of course, if you are the sort that has to keep busy, you could Fish, swim in the lagoon, start a campfire, fly a drone and perhaps spot the Island’s 3 inhabitants ( 1 monkey, 2 monitor lizards).

Do go prepared with all the required amenities if you will be staying overnight. The recent trip found us huddled under one of the sizable sheds on the island as the rain poured down and conducted a tin-roof symphony for an hour of so. Though slightly damp and cold, it was still a great experience. How often do you get the chance to just sit around and do absolutely nothing but chat , laugh and stare at rain drops falling from a tin roof?

Coconut On Sisters Islands - AspirantSG

Anyways, words can only describe so much, watch our little video of the recent trip there . Sisters’ Island : Moments.

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