Singapore NDP 2014 Part 1 – Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Ride

It is time once again to be renew our pride and bond to our beloved island nation – Singapore at National Day Parade (NDP) 2014. Other than watching the exciting performance on the floating platform, the NDP Committee this year have an additional surprise for our social influencers! We are going behind the scenes of the National Day Parade to interact with the operators involved in the Dynamic Defence Sea Display and be part of the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) performance rehearsal. This is really the raw rehearsals before the preview!

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat NDP 2014 - AspirantSG












Before we head out to the safety briefing, Colonel Wong Yu Han (Chairman, Executive Committee, NDP 2014) gave us a quick overview of the exciting lineup this year. This year will see Singaporeans co-create our nation’s celebration with personalised NDP 2014 logo, photos and video wishes submission through NDP mobile application and take part in NDP 2014 contests! Photos and videos will be shared on NDP 2014 Website.

Colonel Wong Yu Han Brief - AspirantSG


















Next, we were brought to the jetty where our RHIBs are waiting for us! A detailed safety briefing was conducted before the crew helped us don the extensive safety gears for the ride. Similar RHIBs are also found on board our Navy warships and are used in a variety of operations such as the transfer of equipment and personnel from ship to ship/shore and Man Overboard Recovery.

Boat Jetty NDP 2014 - AspirantSG

















The main fire power for our RHIB operators who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the nation’s sovereignty and keep the people safe from potential catastrophic terrorist attacks. RHIBs are also commonly used in maritime security roles such as base defence and security boarding operations. It may also be fitted with guns of various calibres, allowing it to be used for wide range of maritime security operations. It can go in excess of 30 knots and possesses high manoeuvrability. You can also visit Singapore Navy Facebook Fan Page for more information.

RHIBs Machine Gun - AspirantSG














It took us a while for us to get used to the safety equipments and errmmm.. seats. The operators were really patient with all of us clueless civilians. It seriously feel like we are getting ready for a ride at Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Getting ready for RHIB ride - AspirantSG



















At last, everyone is well buckled in. Final check before we set off!

Final Check Before RHIBs set off NDP 2014 - AspirantSG















And off we go!

RHIB set off NDP 2014 - AspirantSG































Our mission? To personally witness the arduous preparations and rehearsals for Dynamic Defence Sea Display leading up to NDP 2014. That will be you seated at the floating platform.

NDP 2014 Floating Platform - AspirantSG














The cruise was pretty scenic and slow as we get ourselves parked at the ‘launch position’ with our co-performers from our Police Coast Guards.

RHIB launch position NDP 2014 - AspirantSG






























It got a little boring as we wait for the director to call for action.

RHIBs waiting NDP 2014 - AspirantSG














But when Optimus Prime gave the ‘Roll out!’

RHIBs Springing into action NDP 2014 - AspirantSG













The action came fast and furious!

RHIBs Roll Out NDP 2014 - AspirantSG












Loved the adrenaline rush from the high speed manoeuvres and the operators firing the heavy weaponry on board. Envisioning myself as part of an action movie now!

RHIBs Against MBS Backdrop - AspirantSG














Our Police Coast Guards supporting the movement with perfect coordination!

Police Coast Guards Boat NDP 2014 - AspirantSG


















Pity this ride was not part of your Merlion Tour Package.

RHIBs in front of Merlion - AspirantSG












Just when we were all gloating, the RHIBs did an awesome ‘Tokyo Drift’ and splashed us all silly! Damn, that was one hell of a ride but I relish every second of it.

Splashing Halt By RHIBs NDP 2014 - AspirantSG
















Catch the action on video below:

After the ride, we spend some time chatting with some of the operators to learn more about their daily tasks, challenges faced and personal satisfactions gained while working to present their best to the Nation. Their job requires lots of professionalism and a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to our country. The session ended with a group photo with the operators!

Group Photo With RHIBs Operators NDP 2014 - AspirantSG















Thank you guys for the amazing experience. Stay tuned for the next NDP 2014 post!

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