Samsung GALAXY Tab S – Super AMOLED For Max Performance On The Go!

Tablet lovers rejoice! Samsung has just launched its latest GALAXY Tab S and it’s going to make your current tablet look like a piece of antique from the museum. Available in 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch with 2,560 x 1,600 Super AMOLED screens and an extremely thin frame of just 6.6mm, I get to choose between the Dazzling White or the Titanium Bronze. The slimmer and lighter design allowed me to enjoy maximum mobility without compromising on performance aka greater portability on-the-go!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

The tablet rear cover has the dimpled design, which not only feel great in your hand but also gives a more premium feel. For the purpose of a personal workstation and entertainment gadget on the go, the 10.5-inch LTE Titanium Bronze seems more like a practically decision. (Thank you Samsung Asia Pte Ltd for sponsoring this device)

Titanium 10.5 Samsung GALAXY Tab S - AspirantSG

Being a current Samsung GALAXY Note 3 With LTE user, it didn’t take long for me to get accustomed to my new Samsung GALAXY Tab S. Unlocking and logging in to my tablet is just a simple swipe of my fingerprint. The embedded sensor provides multi-user login as well. After registering their respective fingerprints, my brother and mom get to customise their personal profile preference, apps and content. This means that after my mom swipe her fingerprint, she will be able to play her Candy Crush game without accidentally deleting my brother’s lecture notes, which are saved in a folder under his profile. That’s what I call safe and convenient all round security and privacy!

Finger Scan Log In Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

The most celebrated feature of Samsung GALAXY Tab S has to be its large, high resolution Super AMOLED screens. Compared to the conventional LCD tablets with about 70% colour reproduction rate, these Super AMOLED screens are really quite fabulous with vibrant colours and dark blacks that matches more than 90% nature’s true palette. Look at what this amazing screen can do a simple photo of fruits!

Fruits On Super AMOLED Display Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

Samsung GALAXY Tab S also comes with Adaptive Display, which automatically adjusts colour gamut, sharpness, and contrast according to your usage. For instance, if you switch from watching a movie to reading an e-Book, the screen adjusts itself to give you an optimised display. There are a total of 3 Screen Modes – AMOLED Photo, AMOLED Cinema and Basic Mode for you to choose from. For lazy folks like me, I guess the Adaptive Display will do fine.

Samsung Super AMOLED Display Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

With such amazing Super AMOLED screen, it was difficult to imagine that the Galaxy Tab S would have a great battery life. Given its 7900 mAh battery, I expected an average battery life of 10 hours. But I was happily proved wrong! I spent my Saturday catching up on dramas and enjoyed at least 11 hours of playback time! It is probably one of the most impressive tablets in terms of battery life.

Zhen Huan Zhuan in Super AMOLED screen - AspirantSG

The Samsung GALAXY Tab S also comes with this innovative SideSync 3.0 technology, which allows seamless connectivity with selected Samsung smartphone (My Samsung GALAXY Note 3 With LTE included)! Once synced, I get to view my phone screen on the tablet and do tasks like transfer data, copy & paste text as well as make and receive voice calls on the GALAXY Tab S. This is great when I need to charge my mobile in another room. The feature is totally awesome for multi-tasking which so many of us are doing on a daily basis. But please note that SideSync 3.0 Call Forwarding feature is only available for GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE for now.

SideSync 3.0 Function Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

Enough said about the hardware and sleek design technology, this wonderful tablet also comes with a full suite of premium content and services at my disposal. Samsung really went out of their way to make sure their users are fully entertained with over 30 exclusive content and privileges that’s worth more than $1,000! They come in the form of GALAXY Gifts where I get to enjoy local and international content such as Toggle, SPH Magazines, Marvel Unlimited, GigOut! PLUS and many more.

I particularly love the Hancom Office. Comprising of Hword, Hcell & Hshow– it allows me to work on the move. Other than being able to insert Youtube video-clips that can be played immediately from my Hword I can do simple design works on Hshow with 40 themes and 150 design setting at my disposal.

Samsung Gifts With GALAXY Tab S - AspirantSG

If that’s not enough, a quick GALAXY Life download from the Google Play store grant me the passport to exclusive privileges, interesting app recommendations, content features, and lifestyle articles. With the app, here are some of the exclusive privileges and deals that I can redeem on the go:

– E2Max – Enjoy 30 minutes’ bonus with rental of E2Max Chambers (worth up to $70)

– F1 Simulator – Free 10 minutes trial (worth $30 an hour)

– Party World – 3 persons for the price of 2 (worth up to $93)

– Play Nation – 3 gaming packages for the price of 2 (worth $44.70)

Being a foodie, I decided to redeem yummy deals instead. Redeeming the deal is a little stressful though… I have to claim it within the 1-hour countdown. Only claim when you are ready!

Samsung Life Vouchers - AspirantSG

*Promotions are subject to third party service providers’ terms and conditions.

Get Your Samsung GALAXY Tab S Now!

With Super AMOLED screen, fingerprint security, long battery life bundled with exclusive content and privileges, there’s hardly any excuse not to get your personal Samsung GALAXY Tab S at the following prices:

– GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698

– GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598

– GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948

– GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

For more information, please visit Samsung GALAXY Tab S website.

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