All About Xplor Cancun Care Tour

Xplor is an adventure theme park situated at a distance of four miles from Playa Del Carmen. It is just about an hour’s drive from CancunCare. The adventure park offers various activities and adventures that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age. The park constitutes a total of 11 zip lines that can be experienced freely without any limits. The ziplines sum up together to create a network that spreads around in a total of 2 miles. The Xplor park is suitable for those who need some fun and adventure. There are several plans and trip packages that we will be discussing further. 

Xplor Adventure Park

Xplor adventure park has several activities and fun tasks that can be completed and thoroughly enjoyed by anyone. The customers can get aboard on their fun vehicle and explore the fantastic world of Xplor Adventure park, set in a large area of 6 miles near CancunCare. There are many caves, underground water sites, and several zip lines. The customers can also book a raft and roam around the water sites freely.

The 6 miles of the area filled with adventure, fear, and excitement is suitable for everyone. One can enjoy the beautiful depth of 26 feet underground or the incredible altitude of 130 feet. The elevation lies above the canopy of the jungle and can be travelled down by several zip lines that cover an area of 2 miles. There are a total of 4 activities, and the time taken by each event is around 45 minutes.

Xplor has a one-time payment system and has all the charges pre-included in the booking fee. Once you pay the payment, you can explore the area on your own and take part in tasks without any concern. One can also repeat the same task over and over again as there is no restriction on that. The booking fee also includes an inclusive buffet that is enjoyed by all the customers of Xplor Adventure Park.

The park also offers a choice of tour types and sections. Private tours and shared tours are available that are suitable for family and couples, respectively. Both the trips demand a different amount of fee.

About Xplor Tours

There are several tours in Xplor Tours. However, the most basic tour type is the Regular Xplor Tour, which is suitable for enjoying a whole day in the adventurous land. Private tour is also available and costs the same as for Regular visits if you have six companions with you. However, even more, companions will result in a decrease in the booking fee.

Smaller group tours have an added feature of choosing their mode of transport and itinerary.

The regular tour starts at 7:15 AM. At this time, you are picked up from your hotel and taken to a bus boarding stand where you meet fellow customers who are too on their way to the Xplor Adventure Park. Private tours offer the freedom to choose their pickup time. The suitable time advised by the staff at Xplor is 8:00 AM because it maximizes the time you spend at the Xplor adventure park.

Features Of A Regular Tour

There are a variety of features included in the Regular Tour Plan. For your information, we have included some of them down below.

  1. The transport facility is fully air-conditioned to enhance the travel experience for the customers.
  2. The driver is an English speaking one because most of the customers are travellers who come from various parts of the world.
  3. The booking fees include both the entrance and the tax cost. That way, the customers need not care about the entry fees.
  4. All the equipment can be used with freedom as the Booking fees includes the equipment charges.
  5. Park Hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  6. The minimum age for children is five years. The charges for five years old children are zero.
  7. Individuals with weight less than 300 pounds can enjoy the ziplines.
  8. Helmets are provided to ensure safety during adventure tasks.
  9. Those who are suffering from heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure, claustrophobia, or ladies who are pregnant are not suitable for adventure activities.


Summing everything up, we would conclude that Xplor Adventure Park is a great site to replenish your lost energy with some adventures. It spreads around an area of 6 miles, covered with zip lines, canopies, and underground water sites. The place offers various fully customizable and affordable plans and features. It demands a one-time booking fee that contains all the tax and equipment charges within it.

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