What’s A Ponycat & What Does It Got To Do With Breakfast?

The best part about staying at Bowen Terrace Accommodations at New Farm, Brisbane was that 3 of the well-loved local breakfast haunts – The Ponycat Cafe, Au Cirque and The Little Larder were all  located within close walking distance! The cafe was rather quiet at around 10am on a Tuesday morning, I supposed everyone had their coffees and have made their way to work.


How can you not smile to ‘ALL DAY’ of everything? Especially breakfast and smiles.


The menu is written on the blackened wall behind its counter in chalk. Rather awkward and stressful for new customers who are not too familiar with the staff or menu content. I will really prefer to ponder over my choices leisurely at your table.


Once I have made my orders, the friendly waitress got me a comfy seat indoors with a generous 360 degrees view of the cafe interior. All the table tops were decorated with collages from magazine and other print collaterals to keep you entertained while you wait for your order to be served.


The cafe must have gotten its name from this whimsical illustration on one of its walls. The mystery of the The Pony Cat has been solved.


But that was not the craziest wall in its interior.


There were also the quieter side with a view.


Adored the aroma of my Cinnamon Topped Cappuccino and the cute little heart shape on the surface.


Next to arrive was my Sweet Potato & Corn Pancakes ($16) on a bed of spinach with honey baked ham and eggplant kasundi. It was very pretty sight.


I enjoyed the sweet combination of pancake with the ham but after a while it feels a little too dry. Perhaps pancakes made from sweet potatoes are significantly less moist than those made from flour.


After the breakfast, you might like to bring your coffee out onto the walkway and enjoy the comfortable morning sun.


Having tried the Au Cirque and The Little Larder, The Ponycat wasn’t as amazing. But of course the previous 2 were fantastic breakfast haunts. Nevertheless, The PonyCat is a cool, funky cafe that you should check out if you have a few days for breakfast in Brisbane. Here are the full information of the cafe:

The Ponycat Cafe 

Address: 2 of 693 Brunswick St New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4005

Opening Hours: 7am – 3pm Daily

Phone: 3254 2883

Email: asa@ponycat.com.au

Facebook: The Ponycat Fan Page

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