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Western Australia Attractions – Things To See, Do & Experience Down Under

Is your office cubicle starting to feel a lot smaller? Do you easily get annoyed at co-workers over the most mundane things? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then maybe you’re overdue for a vacation. And if you’re looking for a place to go, Western Australia is here to heed your call. We are here to share some of the best Western Australia Attractions – Things To See, Do & Experience Down Under!

Western Australia Attractions – Natural Wonders

Nothing beats hopping into your car and going for a long drive, and watching as your worries slowly disappear from your rear-view mirror. Nature has a way of healing all of our societal concerns, and it reminds us that we are humans who need to stop and relax, and Western Australia has a lot of these beautiful places. Here are a few of these sites:

Western Australia Attractions – The Pinnacles, Cervantes

These giant limestones are made from seashells that were left over from an era when marine life was abundant in the area. Today, these shells formed high mobile dunes that have fast become a tourist attraction. But these pinnacles were only discovered in 1967 after it was featured in a gazette. Some of the other things you can see at The Pinnacles include kangaroos, pythons, and different types of vegetation.

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Western Australia Attractions – Lucky Bay, Esperance

If you go to the beach and don’t get a tan, did you even go to the beach? Lucky Bay in Esperance is the best place to catch some sun, feel the sand between your toes and just relax. Lucky Bay is best known for its white sand beach, tranquillity, and calm turquoise waters. Another reason to come is the kangaroos that sunbathe along the shore. If you visit between July to late October, you might be fortunate enough to witness some whales being awesome.

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Western Australia Attractions – Karijini National Park

Located in Pilbara, the Karijini National Park has a lot of history attached to it, precisely two billion years’ worth of history. The large size of the park makes it an ideal place for nature walks, and the natural pools of waterfalls make for great swims after walking all day. This is the perfect place to go camping for a few days with your mates as it gives you enough time to explore the many trails and rock tunnels that are just begging to be seen.

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Western Australia Attractions – Penguin Island

In popular culture, penguins are believed to live in Antarctica. Some species do, but other species of penguin, like the Little Penguin, live right here on an island in Western Australia. Penguin Island is home to the smallest breed of penguin along with some other native animals. It’s a great place to take your kids for a weekend trip where they can see and interact with these creatures. The perfect vacation for the entire family.

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Western Australia Attractions –  Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Beauty, diversity, ecology, and sharks; these are just some of the things that will make you want to visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. It is here where you can finally meet the famed Monkey Mia dolphins, and where you can swim alongside dugongs and even discover living fossils. If you like learning about sharks and history, the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is worth a visit when you come to Western Australia for a visit.

Nature has a particular beauty that not even cameras can capture. And if you want to see that for yourself, the best thing to do is hop on to a plane, get a car hire in Perth Airport, and make a road trip out of your visit. You will surely learn something new and will be relaxed by the end of your journey.

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