Moving Abroad From Australia? Here’s What You Need to Know

After a fun extended stay or even a lifetime in Australia, there may come a time that you decide to pack up and see how things are on the other side. If you’re planning to leave Australia long enough to need to pack up all of your personal effects, let go of your flat, or even sell your property, you need to create a detailed checklist first. One of the most crucial things you have to find is a removal company based in Australia that works internationally so you won’t end up paying more than you have to on moving your personal items.

Other than that, you’ll need to make some declarations about what you’re bringing when you relocate while going through customs, make arrangements with your financial institutions, and decide on where in the world you are going to lay down new roots.

Get Your Passport Early

Leaving Australia won’t be difficult if you have a valid passport and at the minimum, a one-way aeroplane ticket to your ultimate destination. International travel necessitates a valid passport, so be sure to work on submitting your application at least a month before you are scheduled to relocate. You’ll also need to take a picture of your passport and select someone back home to be your guarantor. So long as you don’t have any outstanding legal issues, you should have your passport in hand ahead of your moving date.

What Are You Taking with You?

You might have a lot of fancy or antique furniture that you want to take with you abroad, but you’ve got to calculate the price of having it moved versus buying new furnishings after you relocate. Even if you travel light, you still need a removal company that will take good care of the things you do take with you.

Packing up your belongings for a move from one city to another is one thing, but when you’re going to be relocating internationally, you have to consider the long journey that your furnishings will be going on. So, do you need your surfboards if you plan on moving to Toronto? Probably not, but get a quote from an international relocation company just to see if you can afford to take it all with you.

Check on Those Bank Accounts

Before you go, make sure that you have tied up all of those loose ends. For instance, you probably want to make plans to do something with your bank, investment, and retirement accounts. Online billing might be the way to go if you don’t want bank statements to be delivered internationally. Then again, if you think that your move is going to be permanent, it might just be best to close all of your financial accounts permanently.

That’s all there is to moving abroad from Australia. Take account of what you need to bring with you, have your passport secured well ahead of your planned move and be certain that your financial accounts are closed or otherwise put on hold. Making plans to move out of the country are a lot more fun when you’re well organized.

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