Top Road Trip Routes For Best Self-Drive Travel In Australia

When visiting Australia or the “Land Down Under” you will see some of the most beautiful and unique sites and landmarks in the world. What also make’s Australia special is its road trips. By hitting the road you can truly experience everything that makes Australia what it is. From the Outback to the coasts, rainforests and mountains driving through this great land is something you won’t see anywhere else. Here are some great options you will want to program into your GPS:

1. The Great Ocean Road 

This gorgeous stretch in Victoria offers some thrilling visuals. During the drive, you will be able to witness to lush rainforests, local towns and some of the best surf beaches the world has to offer. In addition, the road will take you past the dramatic rock sculptures called the 12 Apostles.

2. The Nullarbor Plain

This famous connection between the cities of Perth and Adelaide in Western Australia is another must-do road trip. During your time behind the wheel, you will see dramatic landscapes, soaring cliffs and some of the most amazing views the country and world for that matter have to offer. This is a long road-trip taking between 8 and 9 days to complete, but is well worth it. Just remember for this trip, if you plan to leave the highway, you’ll need a vehicle with 4-wheel drive.

3. Grand Pacific Drive

This well-known in New South Whales just one hour south of Sydney is another route that offers some of the most spectacular scenery and coastline. During this trip you will be able to experience the famous Sea Cliff Bridge, which whirls away from the cliffs and swings out above the ocean. In addition, this route features booming blowholes in Kiama as well as the beautiful white sandy beaches in Jervis Bay.

4. Fleurieu Peninsula

Located in southern Australia, the Fleurieu Peninsula is another must-see road trip when visiting this great nation. While driving through this area you will witness some of the country’s richest landscape. From rolling green hills to dairy pastures, orchards, farms and vineyards this is definitely one trip you will not want to forget your camera!

Traveling throughout Australia is something truly special and a must-do for any tourist. One tip is to rent a car, SUV or van from a reputable company that offers unlimited miles and superb customer service. This way, there are no surprises and you can sit back, relax and enjoy this supreme land without a worry in the world!

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