Why Choose Orlando Airport Limo for Your Wedding Transportation

Wedding is perhaps the most important day in everyone’s lives. Even the most laid-back couple wants perfection in every detail, so when they look back in their memories, they can remember a wonderful time! Out of all the big and small items and facilities, transportation is a major part that can be very hectic to deal with. The unprofessional behaviour of mobility-providing services can become an undesirable factor of an otherwise marvellous day. This is why you should opt for a trusted, high-rated and professional service like Orlando Airport Limo.

Why Orlando Airport Limo?


Our business has been successfully and comfortably driving thousands around Orlando for over two decades! If that’s not enough, you can check out reviews from satisfied customers through social media platforms such as Twitter.


We make our rides extremely affordable! Starting at just $60 per hour for our cool & chic cars, we make your comfortable and stylish rides light on the wallet! You can find more about our rates here.

Extensive Fleet:

Are you getting bored looking at the same old models on every other website? Do they have less than a few designs in store? Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Here at OAL, we have an extensive fleet of several luxury cars with sumptuous designs! We have cars of your dream colour, size and shape. Whether you want a two-seater Cadillac or an 8-passenger Stretch Limo, we have it available just for you!


Beside safety locks in our cars, we also have trained chauffeurs with amazing driving skills so you feel safe and at ease! Our cars are also equipped with tested and verified safety features including airbags and anti-theft alarms.

Wide-Area Coverage:

OAL not only rides you safely around town but across the state of Florida!. Don’t worry if your wedding venue is further away from the city, we would be glad to drop you off and pick you up anywhere in FL!


We understand that riding in a car for a long time can be boring. Here is where we cover you! Our cars have celebratory champagne, the finest audio speakers, heated & cooled seats, touch screen entertainment and much more! What more can a comfortable ride demand?

What makes us different:

Easy Booking:

We at Orlando Airport Limo seek to provide the best service, and for that, we have different booking methods you can learn about later.

Alongside that, with our service, you don’t have to book your car months ahead. You can book even a week or two prior! Our quick service is sure to never disappoint.

Skilled Chauffeurs:

We only hire and send trained chauffeurs who are familiar with the streets and towns of Florida. These guys have gathered all the experience there is to driving!

With their fast yet secure driving, expert navigation and positive attitude, they are sure to never leave you distressed about anything! So sit back and enjoy the ride to the big day with Orlando Airport Limousine!

Wedding Package:

Unlike other services, we care deeply about making your big day special. Besides making your entrance noteworthy, we will be sure to decorate the car in the colours of your choice. Since it is your big day, we will make sure to get every detail you mention correctly. It gives you all the more reason to go for our brilliant service!

What can Orlando Limo do to make the day better?

1. Regal Entry:

On your wedding day, you are the highlight and you need to be the brightest in the bunch. So to make you feel like a celebrity on your biggest day, we at OAL plan to give you the perfect red-carpet entrance! With the chauffeurs opening the door for you to step on the walk, we will definitely make your experience amazing!

2. Refreshments:

While you may have arranged refreshments for the guests yourselves, but nobody can ever have enough on a wedding day! This is why here at OAL, we ensure to take care of extra refreshments for the audience!

3. Suited Chauffeurs:

We have taught our chauffeurs not just every detail about every venue in Florida, but we have also taught them to dress for the occasion.

Because of this, they’ll spend extra time suiting up for your big day. And as per your request, they will be sure to dress in the colour of your gown or decor. So your photos entering and leaving through our limo will be perfect in the album!

How do I book my ride?

After going through the Fleet page and the Pricing page, you can easily get an idea of the kind of car you should opt for. If you have a decision ready to be made, you can book by either;


You can call us at our toll-free number 1-800-617-9590 and book the ideal car on your wedding date!


Secondly, you can email us at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com, with a description of the date, timing and the car you desire. You can then call ahead or wait for confirmation.

Online Reservation:

Lastly, you can go to our Reserve A Ride page. We have a pretty simple layout and you can place the order in just 3 steps:

  • Firstly, add the ride information, such as pick-up & drop-off time, date and location. You can choose the number of passengers and the stops you want to make.
  • Secondly, choose the vehicle you have in your mind.
  • Lastly, enter details such as name and email. Decide if you want a return service. Select the payment method, give extra details and Voila! You have booked an OAL service in a matter of minutes!

If you have any queries, you can email at the aforementioned address. You can also ring at 407-442-2777 and our efficacious customer service will take care of any issues! Additionally, you can check out the FAQs page as well. Happy Ride-Booking!

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