What Kind Of Waffle Cone Eater Category Do You Fall Under?

It is an irrefutable truth that there is no elegant or graceful way to eat a waffle cone. Bulk waffle cones were designed to dig right in and indulge and can make even the most polite eaters look like candidates for gluttony. But, there are tactics to make your waffle cone madness less maddening. Ice cream parlours all put a different spin on their waffle cones. Whether they use it as a bowl, a decoration, or they crumple it on top of your ice cream sundae; there are a vast number of ways to enjoy your waffle cone. That begs the question then, what type of waffle cone eater are you? 

Partake in ‘biting it back?’

The backward thinking waffle cone eater doesn’t want to be like everyone else. They are the ones who eat dessert before dinner. Starting at the end, they make their way to the top of the cone, eating the crunchiest part first. If you are a backward biter, have at it! Just make sure that you have extra napkins.

Got a backup plan?

For someone who isn’t looking to getting their hands dirty, the backup plan of a cone plus a cup fits the bill. If there is a big enough cup to hold your waffle cone, then you can use that cup to collect any drips and, if you want, throw the whole thing into the container and eat it with a spoon. With the cup as a backup, you can take your time and enjoy the ride getting to the end of your waffle cone without fear of stains or sticky hands.

A sipper, not a dipper?

If you are more of a shake person, but like the waffle included, then you might be what the ice cream industry calls the “sipper” not the dipper. People who like to drink their ice cream from a waffle cone insert a straw to the top, take aim, and suck away. No one is going to deny you a waffle cone just because you like your ice cream from a straw!

The smasher?

The smasher doesn’t want to eat from a waffle cone; they want to smash the heck out of it. The smasher places their waffle cone on top of the ice cream in a bowl and takes great pleasure from smashing it to bits. More of a waffle topping lover, it is okay to get out a little aggression before you indulge.

The classy type?

Yep, there is kind of a fancy way to try to eat a waffle cone. You don’t have to put it in a bowl or dig right in. The classy waffle cone eater type wants to display it on a plate, take their time eating their waffle cone, and if some of it gets left behind, that is okay. Maybe one of the few to try to maintain your composure, good for you.

Not the sipper, the Dipper?

In opposition to the sipper, is the dipper. If you are someone who treats your waffle cone like it is a bowl of salsa, taking parts of the waffle cone and dipping it, then you are the dipper.

The spinner?

When you are eating a waffle cone, it is nearly impossible to get to all the ice cream without it starting to escape down the sides. The spinner is often someone who tends to plan. Spinning it continually, you make sure that the ice cream never crosses the boundaries of the cone and, therefore, never drips onto your hand. The spinner is innovative and forward thinking.

Out the hatch?

If you are someone who has the patience necessary to bite off the end of the cone, and wait for the ice cream to melt, so that you can suck it all the way through, then you are an “out the hatch” type of cone eater. Kudos, not everyone has that kind of will-power or the patience to wait!

The waffle cone is one of the best ice cream inventions in the past century and has quickly become a favourite around the world. When eating a waffle cone, it is not uncommon for the next thing you know to have a lap full of ice cream and a gut full of regret that you didn’t think about how to tackle it ahead of time. If you are going to indulge in one, make sure that you approach it with a plan because otherwise, it can get ‘out of hand.’

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