USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 Survival Walkthrough

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2 promises lots of fun with more haunted attractions and doubling the number of scareactors, compared to its Part 1 last year. However, that also means you now need to explore more places within 4 hours. Looking at the crowd, the Express Pass which sets you back by an additional S$40 on top of the event entrance tickets is highly recommended.


Thanks to Adrian from SUPERADRIANME & Universal Studios Singapore,  I was able to enjoy express privileges with the Media Pass!


If you die die do not want to pay for the Express Pass, here’s the detailed Survival Walkthrough to make the best out of your limited time at USS Halloween Horror Nights 2!

PitStop 1: The Insanitariam (Haunt House)

Once the doors of House of Dolls open, resist the temptation to take photos with the evil dolls.


While the entire world turns right to New York’s Total Lockdown, you head left and run straight pass Far Far Away to Water World. If you are a fast runner, you should be one of the first few visitors to The Insanitarium.


True to its name, this abandoned mental hospital was full of crazy, malevolent souls.


He’s dead and he doesn’t know it. You can only pray that he does not appear right in front of you when the blinding lights comes on! The look on my face was hilarious, I forgot what I saw but it serious shocked me!


Some spirits are doomed to suffer again and again till eternity.


You better leaves while Doctor Dementia is pre-occupied with the poor girl!


PitStop 2: Dungeon of Damnation (Haunted House)

Now that you are out of the Insanitarium, make a quick dash pass Bizarre Bazaar. If you are lucky, you may be in time for its devilish mob dance.


Once again, skip the Total Lockdown till later and hopefully bulk of the crowd has already cleared this dungeon that’s closest to the entrance.


This is one of the best haunted houses. Be prepared for a good scare!


I seriously dunno how she can still grin.


Has hell just froze over?


If you are lucky, you will get to go through the re-carnation tunnel & breathe freedom again!


PitStop 3: Death Alley (Haunted House)

Finally, the last haunted house which is also the least scary.


Turn back after waiting so long? Come on Ah Ma, you can’t be serious.


I think Mom will skip the wet market for a while.


I won’t bargain if I were you…


Sluttish prostitute must have been slashed while peddling her trade during the massacre.


PitStop 4. Total Lockdown

With all the haunted houses out of the way, you can now brisk through this radioactive mess.


Many are no longer human….


Although the roads are inaccessible,


I wouldn’t take the subway if I were you.


PitStop 5: Bizarre Bazaar

Since you now have time, head back to enjoy the carnival.


You will love this place if you are a fan of S&M.


More entertaining than scary.


I think I have just made a new friend!


PitStop 6: House Of Dolls

Last but not least, play with dolls when you are about to leave.


PitStop 7: Puppet Master

Don’t  forget to satisfy the camwhore in you at the Puppet Master’s stage.


That pretty much wrap up my walkthrough. Have fun & remember to drop me comments on your experience below!

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