USANA Clean & Personalised MySmartTMShake Launches in Singapore

When it comes to nutrition, USANA Health Sciences offers some of the purest and highest-quality nutritional supplements available. Now, the global nutritional company can say the same with its new low-glycemic load and gluten-free MySmartTMShake, a customisable protein-based shake. Featured on the Dr. Oz Show and enjoyed by several Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) athletes, USANA’s MySmartTMShake will soon be hitting the sunny shores of Singapore.

Usana MySmartShake - AspirantSG

Against a backdrop of increasingly unhealthy, stressful lifestyles of living in metropolises, MySmartTMShake delivers the macronutrient solution to help consumers meet their personal lifestyle needs by rebalancing their diets. On top of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our bodies require an optimal amount of macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats — for us to perform at our best. However, the modern Singaporean diet comprises large amounts of processed carbohydrates and the excessive intake of these is often associated with obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

Our bodies also cannot live without fats – these provide essential fatty acids, and help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamins A, E & D. Unfortunately, many of us are getting these from the wrong sources — fats that are unhealthy. Excess fat is not only stored under the skin, but also in blood vessels and organs. USANA’s scientists have included the most beneficial form of fats that can be used more efficiently for energy in MySmartTMShake’s research-validated formulation.

Eating Clean Made Easy

“Singapore is renowned for being a food paradise with a wide range of cuisines. The culinary temptation coupled with a recent study that showed Singaporeans work some of the longest hours in the world means that for many of us, our diets are unbalanced either from overindulgence, convenience or lack of time,” said Ms. Carolyn Lee, regional General Manager of USANA Singapore and Malaysia. “We recognise a desire among consumers for simple, pure and clean products that are easy to consume regardless of lifestyle constraints. MySmartTMShake was developed to meet these demands, and help restore balance to our diets while supporting our journey to optimal health.”

As we age or our lifestyle changes, our nutrition needs change, and MySmartTMShake allows us to create a protein shake based on our health goals and taste preferences in three simple steps.

1. Choose a protein base – whey or soy.


2. Choose a Flavour Optimiser – Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Banana, Orange Creme, or stick with the mild vanilla flavour of the base.


3. Take your shake to the next level by adding in a booster – USANA’s Protein Plus Whey Booster, FibergyPlus, or fruits and vegetables of your choice.


“Packed with complete proteins, reduced levels of simple carbohydrates, coconut oil as a healthy source of saturated fat and no refined sugar, MySmartTMShake lets consumers fill their tummies in the most healthy and tasty way,” said Mr. Kenny Tan, Regional Senior Nutritionist at USANA Singapore. “It’s important to us that USANA is creating top-quality products that are not only innovative, but beneficial to those consuming them. Low-glycemic load and gluten-free, MySmartTMShake is a great addition to the ground-breaking nutritional supplements that USANA has to offer.”

It can be easy, fun and quick to whip up a daily energy booster that’s healthy and beneficial.

Clear Your Doubts

Here are some quick questions answered while we show you how easy it is to make your own shake with fresh fruits!

1. Who is MySmartTMShake suitable for? Are there any side effects? 

MySmartTMShake is suitable for everyone, except children, adults with medical conditions, pregnant women, and mothers who are lactating. If you’re unsure whether your medical condition allows you to consume MySmartShake, be sure to consult your doctor. There are no side effects.

Usana Shake With Fresh Fruits - AspirantSG
Add in fresh fruits with USANA. Be creative!

2. Does MySmartTMShake product range contain gluten? Is it suitable for me if I am lactose intolerant? 

No, MySmartTMShake products do not contain gluten, but MySmartTMShake is produced in a facility that manufactures other foods that do contain dairy, soy, and gluten. As the lactose content is low, MySmartTMShake is generally fine for those with mild lactose intolerance. Alternatively, try our Soy protein shake base, which is dairy-free.

USANA Shake In The Mix - AspirantSG
Watch it blend into a delicious drink!

4. How long should one be taking MySmartTMShake? Is it safe for long-term consumption? Are there any side effects? 

Yes, MySmartTMShake is safe for long-term consumption. If you would like to ensure that you get an optimal amount of macronutrients in the long term, do consider including MySmartTMShake as part of your daily diet. There are no side effects. 

USANA Shakes are great with grapes and bananas too - AspirantSG

5. What results will users expect to see or feel after taking MySmartTMShake and how long will it take to have any result e.g. weight loss?

Losing weight at a healthy and sustainable rate would help to reduce the chances of your weight bouncing back. While results may vary across individuals, a weight reduction of 2 kg a month with MySmartTMShake would be sustainable.

With ingredients from all natural sources and having no added sugar, MySmartTMShake cuts out all the extra ingredients cluttering up your product label. If you’re boosting your shake with Fibergy Plus, the extra dietary fibre will also cleanse your system by supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes

USANA Healthy Shakes With No Added Sugar - AspirantSG

Common pitfalls like cravings, convenience, and food pricing dictate our choices. Homemade shakes may be more natural, but their nutritional contents may not be as thoroughly balanced or fully adequate in terms of nutrition.

USANA MyHealthPak – Customised Nutritional Supplement Pack

After getting the optimal amount of macronutrients –protein, carbohydrates and fats from the SMART SHAKE, MyHealthPak product lets customers select a complete and balanced spectrum of beneficial nutrients to meet their personal dietary needs.

USANA’s award-winning MyHealthPak Builder Web site gives customers access to an exclusive Health Assessment and Advisor, designed by USANA’s scientific team to help customers identify which supplements they need. Or, customers can select pre-determined profiles created by USANA that match their health and lifestyle.

Once ordered, a month’s supply of individual morning and evening supplement packs each containing up to eight USANA supplements—is delivered directly to you. Through these individual packs, we help to eliminate the need for multiple supplement bottles, make it easy for you to consistently take the full dose of supplements you have selected every day and allow you to carry your supplements with you on the move!

To find out more about MySmartTMShake, please email to [email protected]

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