Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 4 Survival Guide Part 2

Halloween is finally here at Universal Studios Singapore! Halloween Horror Nights 4 is all set to wow and unleash more terror under the Demoncracy of Minister Jonah Hill. Before you proceed with this part of the Survival Guide, make sure you have checked out our Halloween Horror Nights 4 Survival Guide Part 1 for the exclusive lowdowns on the 4 Scare Zones as well as Jack’s Nightmare Circus. Once you are done with that, join me & my brother as we explore (and try to survive) the 4 horrifying Haunted Houses, come along now we don’t have the whole night.

Haunted House 1: Jack’s 3-Dementia

For folks wearing glasses, please make sure that you have switched to contact lenses to experience Singapore’s very first 3-D Haunted House!

3-D Glasses for Jack's 3-D Dementia Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Don’t like the look of that clown and loathed entering through its mouth!

Jack’s 3-Dementia Entrance - AspirantSG

The floating heads of decapitated clowns guarded the entrance to the 3-D Mansion.

Floating Clown Heads Jack's 3-Dementia Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

The mysterious clown queen beckoned us to venture deeper.

The Queen Invites Jack's 3-Dementia Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

This is one funhouse that has gone ghoulishly wrong with distorting, disorientating illusions at every turn.

Clowns At Jack's 3-Dementia Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Crawling with demonic clowns, we were not sure if we can survive this den of deadly deceptions.

Sick Clown Jack's 3-Dementia Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Hold those 3-D glasses tight and keep a lookout for devious clowns that can come popping out in your face anytime.

Jack's 3-Dementia - Clown 2

It’s a tough job keeping our sanity against this crazy mob. They would like nothing better than to practise their sick gags on you.

Jack's 3-Dementia - Prepare yourselves

Our solace came when we caught sight of this seemingly kind looking clown-lady who look after the exit of this madhouse.

Clown guarding exit out of Jack's 3-D Dementia - AspirantSG

This pretty, colourful bridge to salvation is so mesmerising that many lose their footings and are never seen again. Cross with caution people!

3-D Swirling Bridge Out Of Jack's 3D Dementia

Haunted House 2: Jing’s Revenge

Welcome to the hellish gates of Hua Xing Secondary School.

Jing's Revenge School Entrance Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

The haunting started after an outcast student called Jing hung herself ten years ago in this school. Till today, people still hear anguish screams and see shadows through its stained windows.

Jing's Revenge - Screams for help

I wondered if Jing had the hots for this boyish badminton eye-candy. Oppss.. may be that’s why he is here!

Sports Ghost At Jing's Revenge Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Will finding the final resting place of Jing’s corpse pacify these spirits? There was only one way to find out.

Corridor In Jing's Revenge Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

As we went deeper into the premise, the horrors of the past began to re-enact. Jing has definitely shown the mean girls clique who’s boss.

Jing's Revenge - Outcast victim is back to haunt

Toilets are still the most haunted places in school!

Jing's Revenge - The school toilet

The sight of Jing’s remains freaked me out totally. These children are so brutal. Jing, they deserved it. Go hunt down every single one of these vile classmates.

Jing's Body Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Haunted House 3: Mati Camp

Seriously? Can I be exempted? I have served my 2.5 years of National Service!

Mati Camp Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

The Minister of Evil has put the Sergeant Major in charge here.

Mati Camp - The commanders have turned evil

He takes the torturing of soldiers very seriously indeed. Shall we start with the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC)?

Jacob's Ladder Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Even the toughest of recruits were unable to stomach his training methods which include cannibalism and mutilation.

Mati Camp - Tortured Recruit

But at least he still allowed them to visit the infirmary for treatment.

Mati Camp - The Infirmary

I am just a little surprised with the female ghost in the toilet. Is that a drag queen or someone sneaked their girlfriend in?

Mati Camp - The Showers

You can only live to tell the tale after braving through the fiendish live firing squad.

Live Firing Area Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Haunted House 4: The L.A.B. [Laboratory of Alien Breeding]

The entrance to the secret laboratory looked so futuristic and cool!

The Lab Entrance Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Behold! The secret site of alien experiment on hapless homo-sapiens.

The L.A.B. - Hybrid in progress

Keep quiet as you tread through the birthing chambers… you wouldn’t want to wake up these human-alien hybrid babies.

The L.A.B. - Birthing Chamber

Follow the spiral to witness the new and improved hybrid humans!

Tunnel To Creation Chambers Halloween Horror Nights 4  - AspirantSG

How disappointing… they are not a pretty sight.

Alien-Humans Hybrid Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Careful as you walk past them, any of these grotesque experiments can just come alive…. 

Treading through alien hybrids Halloween Horror Nights 4 - AspirantSG

Live humans captured will meet their end at these gas chambers.

The L.A.B. - Smoke Screen

Give yourself a pat once you are out of this haunted house. You have just completed Universal Studio Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 4’s four immersive scare zones and four haunted houses! Before the night is done, go enjoy yourself at the 8 usual rides, shows and attractions that are operational during the event.

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Halloween Horror Nights 4 runs for 13 nights over five weekends, from 3 – 5 October, 10 – 11 October, 17 – 18 October, 22 – 25 October, 31 October and 1 November 2014, from 7.30pm to 1.30am each evening. The theme park will close earlier at 6.00pm on event nights.

Selected rides and attractions will be open during the event, including TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Shrek 4-D Adventure for guests looking to extend their day experience.

Your choice of tickets are as follow:

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– Daytime Guest ‘Stay & Scream’ Admission Ticket Upgrade: S$50

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