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The Undeniable Truth About Essay Writing Services

It is common for people to harbour misconceptions or misjudgements about the essay writing services industry. This blog post tries to tackle these misconceptions so that the truth about essay writing services can be revealed. You can actually get a very good paper writing service with best writers if you search hard enough.

The Demand for Essay Writing Services

A lot of people wrongly assume that the demand for essay writing services stems from one single, simple thing, and that is laziness. Yes, it is definitely a possible reason for seeking out the help of essay writing companies such as that of inkmypapers. However, the truth is, laziness is not the only motivation behind this.

The reality is that students in many universities around the world are being exposed to such great levels of pressure in terms of their academics, their grades, and doing well at university. The pressure is so great that failure is not an option.

When faced with a scary mountain of deadlines, it is not surprising that some students would rather choose to avail of the services of an essay writing company than fail. When backed up against the wall due to a lack of time, it is not impossible to imagine that some students would seek out an essay writing company for another way out. When confronted with a highly complex essay question, it is not shocking that some students would feel helpless and look for a company that is willing to help them. These situations must be even more daunting for foreign or transfer students whose first language is not English.

Clearly, the underlying rationale that explains the huge demand for essay writing services is more complicated than most people realise.

The Customers and Orders of Essay Writing Services

Another wrong assumption that people make about essay writing services is that the customers fit a certain profile. Usually, people think that the customers are listless, uncaring, and wealthy students that would pay any price just to get a good grade. However, the truth is that the surrounding atmosphere can be a stronger indicator of where the customers come from, rather than any profile.

Recent research that was done on the essay writing services industry found that customers had one thing in common: these people were based in competitive academic environments. Oftentimes, these environments are so stressful and fast-paced that students are forced to find novel ways to navigate the tough habitat that they inhabit.

A large part of navigating the environment involves learning how to write in an academic style. But this is easier said than done for many students, which is why the essay writing services industry ballooned so much. Recent research also showed that it is these very assignments that are the most popular. Essay writing services frequently receive orders for essays, theses, and research papers. Common topics that are covered include those in the field of Business, Management, and English, as students often find these challenging.

Now you know that the customers of essay writing services aren’t as easy to stereotype or as predictable as they may seem.

The Morals Involved

Still, others come to the conclusion that availing of an essay writing service is flat-out cheating, as the work that the students submit is not their own. Granted, this is a valid argument, because it shows the side that professors and educators tend to take. People that agree with this line of reasoning think that essay writing services are only contributing to the laziness of students and the lack of skills in the workforce.

However, this argument can be considered a bit simplistic, mainly due to the fact that it glosses over a looming problem that is currently plaguing higher education at large.

It’s pretty clear that higher education has become an industry, what with the swiftly rising tuition fees and miscellaneous costs of education across the world. When earning profits from increased numbers of applicants and tuition fees trump real learning, then it is not uncommon for professors to fail to provide the support the students need. This situation affects international students quite hard, as it is difficult enough to learn how to write in an academic style, let alone master a foreign language.

This explanation doesn’t imply that the above argument is invalid, though. It is, but hopefully, you were able to learn more about the essay writing industry and see it for what it really is, without succumbing to common misconceptions.


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